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Get a sneak peek at the brand-new Tiffin Byway along with other new features in Tiffin's 2024 models with new innovations to each model.

Here at Tiffin, we are always trying to Preserve. Evolve. Grow.

As we evolve and grow with new models and features, we are still preserving what we've always done best - building a quality motorhome that our owners will love. We've made many upgrades in 2024 to our existing models, and even introduced new models and new floor plans! Check out what's new for 2024!

2024 Byway:

Byway Welcome Center

Tiffin's new 340 HP diesel offering 3 distinct new floor plans: a 35'2" quad slide with opposing seating and a dinette that looks out into your patio area, and two 29'6" floor plans, one featuring a full wall slide bunkhouse with 2 full baths & up to 5 separate sleeping areas, and the other offering a bath & a half and full wall slide.

The Byway's new features include:

  • Freightliner® XCS Straight Rail Rear Engine Diesel Chassis
  • Cummins® B6.7 340 HP Diesel Engine with 700 lb-ft Torque
  • Three Distinct Floor Plans: 33 FL, 38 BL, and 38 CL
  • Four exterior paint scheme options: Euro Blue, Scarlet Thunder, Nasa and Frosted Granite
  • Two interior decor suite options: Moondance and Iron Mountain
  • Three cabinet color options: Sandstone, Shadow, and White Linen
  • Two Flooring Options: Seagrass and Monteano

Visit the Byway page to learn more!

2024 Allegro Breeze:

KN0 A2331

The Breeze's new features include:

  • Alpaca and Landscape Upholstery Fabrics
  • White Ceiling Panels
  • Monteano Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooringh

Visit the Allegro Breeze page to learn more!

2024 Allegro RED:

20230611 01612

The Allegro RED's new features include:

  • Renamed from Allegro RED 360 to Allegro RED
  • Cummins® L9 380 HP Diesel Engine
  • Updated Interior Options
    • Solstice Fabric Suite
    • Alpaca and Landscape Upholstery Fabrics
    • White Linen, Sandstone, and Platinum Cabinetry
  • Electric Front overhead Drop-Down Bunk Option on all floor plans
  • Updated Ceiling Treatments & White Ceiling Panels
  • Tablet Holders in Bunk Beds (38KA)

Visit the Allegro RED page to learn more!

2024 Open Road Allegro:

Tiffin Offsite1movingshotstop 7

The Open Road Allegro's new features include:

  • Updated Interior Options
    • Iron Mountain Fabric Suite
    • Monteano Floor Tile
    • Alpaca and Landscape Upholstery Fabrics
    • White Linen and Shadow Cabinetry
  • Mounted TV over Dinette (32 FA)
  • Booth Dinette-Sleeper Option (32 FA)
  • U-Shaped Dinette-Sleeper (36 LA)
  • Electric Front Overhead Drop-Down Bunk Options on all floor plans
  • Tablet Holders in Bunk Beds (32 FA & 36 UA)
  • White Ceiling Panels

Visit the Open Road Allegro page to learn more!

2024 Phaeton:

Tiff OS3camera1 2 CC

The Phaeton's new features include:

  • Cummins® L9 450 HP Diesel Engine Standard on All Floor Plans
  • Freightliner® XCR XSH Raised Rail Engine Diesel Chassis (Now Available on 37 BH)
  • PowerGlide® XSH Rear Engine DieselChassis Option (Now Available on 37 BH)
  • Updated Interior Options
    • Tide Pool and Stallion Treated Fabric Suites
    • Tatami Mat and Rice Paper Ultraleather
    • Black Truffle, Platinum and Sandstone Cabinetry
    • Sweden Alps and Editorial Volakas Floor Tile
  • Starlink Pro Option
  • Electric Front Overhead Drop-Down Bunk Option on all floor plans
  • Redesigned Ceiling Treatment and White Ceiling Panels
  • Firefly Integrations Eclipse Module

Visit the Phaeton page to learn more!

2024 Allegro Bus:

Tiffin Offsite6afternooncamera2 18

The Allegro Bus's new features include:

  • Updated Interior Options
    • Chai, Picasso, and Silver Lake Fabric Suites
    • Black Truffle and Platinum Cabinetry
    • Positano II Blanco Glazed Porcelain Tile
    • Redesigned Slide-out Fascia
  • Starlink Pro Option
  • Option for Powered Exterior Storage Compartment Slide-out Trays
  • New Bedroom TV Configuration
  • JBL® Sound System and Advanced Monitor System Now Standard
  • Electronic Release Expand-An-Island
  • White Ceiling Panels
  • Pantry Light
  • Firefly Integrations Eclipse Module
  • Driver Console Stationary Mount Phone Charger
  • New Vented Rear Engine Access Door

Visit the Allegro Bus page to learn more!

2024 Zephyr:

Size adjustment 20230614 03945

The Zephyr's new features include:

  • New Exterior Paint Options
    • Generation 12 and 13 Paint Schemes
    • Voltage and Cardinal Color Schemes
  • Updated Interior Options
    • Sandstone, Platinum, and Black Truffle Cabinetry
    • Blue Delta® Sweet Home and Blue Delta® Rocker Chic Treated Fabric Suites
  • Outdoor Grill Option (Replaces Outdoor Kitchen Option)
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Well
  • Infinity Woven Floor in Basements
  • Pantry Light
  • Firefly Integrations Eclipse Module
  • Driver Console Stationary Mount Phone Charger

Visit the Zephyr page to learn more!

2024 Wayfarer:

Tiffin Waycamera3exteriors 11 C

The Wayfarer's new features include:

  • New Wayfarer Floor Plan
    • 25 RLW
    • No Slides
  • Updated 25 JW Floor Plan
  • New Front and Rear Cap Design
  • Generation 6 Paint Schemes
  • Updated Cabinetry Fascia
  • Updated Window Valances
  • Updated Bathroom Mirror (25 RW & 25 JW)
  • Updated Bed Configuration on 25 LW to Accommodate King Bed
  • Cab Skylight Option Now Available
  • Volta Power Systems FLEX 6.7-kWh Energy Storage Pack Option (25 RW)

Visit the Wayfarer page to learn more!

2024 Allegro Bay:

Tiffin OS2camera1 5 CC

The Allegro Bay's new features include:

  • New Generation 2 Paint Schemes
  • Updated Interior Options
    • Solstice Interior Decor Package
    • Alpaca and Landscape Upholstery Fabrics
    • Linen and Platinum Cabinetry
  • Overhead Bunk TV Options (38 AB & 38 BB)
  • Floor Mat Add-on Option
  • Tablet Holders in Bunk Bed Areas
  • White Ceiling Panels and Updated Ceiling Treatments
  • Accent Lighting in Driver's Compartment Overhead
  • Telescoping Ladder for Overhead Bunk
  • Digital Rear View Camera
  • Overhead Bedroom Window (Now Available on 38 AB & 38 BB)
  • Mounted TVs Now Standard on All Floor plans
  • Extended Booth Dinette-Sleeper Option (38 BB & 38 CB)

Visit the Allegro Bay page to learn more!

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