Tiffin Owner Story: Gary & LouAnn Sanoff’s Journey To Owning A Tiffin

Tiffin MotorhomesMany Adventures. One Dream.
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Gary and LouAnn Sanoff were no strangers to RVs when they landed on their first Tiffin. They started out renting RVs to be able to travel with their pets about 15 years ago and fell in love with the lifestyle. The couple has owned a few different brands over the years, but breakdown after breakdown started to wear them out. In 2017, they had a major engine issue that just about sent them over the edge – they were ready to throw in the RV towel and call it quits.

The Sanoffs had heard a lot about Tiffin Motorhomes from people they’d met in the RV community. Owners consistently told them how great the product and customer service is. So while they were stranded near Malibu, California, after the great engine breakdown of 2017, they decided to hop online and find a Tiffin to check out at a dealership nearby. And just like that, their love of RVing was rekindled. They bought a 2017 Tiffin Allegro Bus 37 AP off the lot, made a deal with the dealership to handle their old RV, and never looked back.

Becoming a Full-timer
After two years of adventures in their trusty Allegro Bus with their two poodles, Harper and Simon, in tow, LouAnn and Gary decided to attend a Tiffin rally. Right around the same time, they were considering selling their home in Las Vegas to RV full time. The rallies typically showcase new coach models, and at this particular one, there was a brand new Allegro Bus 2020 45 OPP. LouAnn was impressed with all the extra space, the added half bath, and the bigger closet. They loved their 2017 Allegro Bus, but this coach felt like it could really be their full-time home on wheels. And so, the wheels in their heads started turning...

As residents of Nevada, the price tag of purchasing a new RV was going to be steeper than in other states. Registering RV plates would cost upwards of $8,000, and sales tax would be around $30,000. Fortunately, after years of talking to other owners and trading stories and advice, they were acquainted with a service that helps you set up a mailing address and “residency” as a full-timer in an RV-friendly state – in their case, South Dakota. As new residents of South Dakota, they were free to buy their dream coach and dive into full-time RV life. They named their new Allegro 2020 45 OPP, Mr. Big, after a larger than life character on one of LouAnn’s favorite shows.

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A Visit To The Tiffin Motorhomes Service Center
As veteran RV owners, the Sanoffs knew that every RV, even a brand new Tiffin, needs a good wellness check before you can comfortably hit the road full time. They refer to it as their “punch list.” The couple packed up from Mississippi, where they purchased their coach, and started heading down to Red Bay, Alabama, in late February to visit the Tiffin Motorhomes Service Center for the very first time.

When Mr. Big was called in for service, the Sanoffs went through their punch list items one by one. Their technician, Steve Brooks, went through everything they needed like a true pro.

“First you visit the mechanics bay, then you go to the tile bay, then the regular service bay, then the paint bay, and then the cabinet bay. Steve in bay 1 was first class. The service really sells Tiffin. They take care of everything.”

Exploring Red Bay During a Pandemic
Before their service number was called, LouAnn and Gary had some time to kill. They decided to set up camp at Red Bay Acres, and thanks to a little push from COVID-19, they now hold the title of the longest stay at the park ever. “Thankfully they have the Yacht Club restaurant there on-site, and the food is fabulous,” LouAnn said. “The rest of our meals, we cooked in the RV.”

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Since the pandemic had temporarily closed down local shops and restaurants in Red Bay, most of their adventuring was sightseeing. They drove over to Florence, Alabama, one day, explored the beautiful Mississippi countryside another, and took picnics to the few available state park picnic tables in the region.

They also drove down beautiful Natchez Trace and took in all the historical sights and even popped over to Helen Keller’s house in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Sadly, they couldn’t take the tour, but the view from outside was worth the trip.

“Even when there isn’t a pandemic going on, we never stay anywhere for less than two weeks,” Gary said. “Wherever we go, we like to get a feel for the culture and live like the locals.”

Now that the Sanoffs have gotten a chance to live like the locals in Red Bay and their punch list is all taken care of, they’re ready to set sail on their next big adventure as full-time RVers.

The couple is headed to visit a friend who owns a farm in Wisconsin for a couple of weeks, and then they’ll be working their way over to their favorite part of the country – the Oregon coastline – where, according to Gary, it never gets above 70 degrees and there are absolutely no mosquitos.

LouAnn and Gary plan to visit every state in the U.S. in their brand new Allegro Bus. We sure hope they’ll send us a postcard.