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As a family-operated, American-based company, we’re able to control the quality and outcome of our product. We take great pride in every detail and innovation our engineering experts have developed to enhance our customer’s enjoyment of our coaches. And with each year that passes, we aim to refine and improve our processes and products. The Tiffin family members take the standard of quality they’ve worked hard to build behind their name and brand seriously. It’s personal to them, and that sincerity can be seen in their top-rated customer service. They treat their customers as they’d like to be treated.

This year, we have some exciting improvements to our 2021 models. We also have standard innovations on many of our coaches that you may not even be aware of. Keep reading to learn more about a few of these hidden features.

What Classic Innovation Looks Like In A Tiffin

We take great pride in manufacturing as much of the coach as possible, rather than just assembling it from pieces provided by third-party manufacturers. Each Tiffin model has its own set of “standard” features. Although each of the featured innovations listed below may not be available in every model or floor plan, the specifications of any model you’re interested in can be found on our Class A and Class C model pages for your easy access.

Extraordinaire™ System

Our exclusive, quiet climate control technology circulates air to maintain your desired interior temperature. The airflow might even be better than in your home on land.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED lighting preserves the coach’s battery life, lasting 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs and using a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs, meaning you won’t have to replace them as frequently. Plus, unlike incandescent lighting, they won’t raise the temperature inside your coach.

Multiplex System

Our full-coach Spyder Multiplex System allows you to control most of your coach from one centrally located panel, plus, it provides diagnostics to help troubleshoot any issues quickly. Innovative multiplex wiring sends multiple messages through a single set of wires, and fewer wires mean fewer problems. The multiplexed electrical system, with auto-reset fuses and relays, increases reliability and efficiency of the electrical system in your coach.

Seamless Slide-outs

Slide-outs add extra space to the living area by expanding into an openness that feels more like home. Tiffin's Seamless Slide-outs take innovation to an entirely new level.
Built as single fiberglass units, our slide-outs are airtight and watertight, as well as virtually undetectable when closed.

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Dry Step

We’ve designed every Tiffin coach with your safety in mind. To keep the ground dry near the entry door, air conditioning runoff is redirected to the driver’s side of the coach.

Store-It-All Assurance

Our coaches surpass a competitor’s model of equivalent size in the quantity and quality of storage. For instance, our Class A models have ample closet space, and some have extended storage under the coach. Our kitchen drawers are much deeper than what most manufacturers consider “standard,” and many of our coaches have pull-out pantries for optimal storage that takes up the least amount of space.

Tiffin-Built Components

Many components used in our coaches are built by Tiffin craftsmen, which guarantees quality, consistency, and easy replacement. We choose not to rely on outside vendors when we can manufacture it better, so custom-made parts are found throughout our coaches. We were the first to introduce a motorhome with a basement, so we lead the industry in our production of quality compartment doors crafted from aluminum on our state-of-the-art laser cutters. We also use these laser cutters to make parts like vents and decorative elements on our custom cabinetry. We also build our own fiberglass roofs and slideouts. Because we manufacture our own parts, owners can rest assured there’s a replacement part available.

Form-Fitted Roof & Walls

An innovation in motorhome construction, our two-inch, one-piece fiberglass walls provide a leak-resistant barrier, which guarantees you’ll sleep better at night. Our walls and roof framing are all cut with CNC routing technology, which cuts out human error and allows consistent placement of wiring, windows, and beyond. All Tiffin coach roofs are approximately 6” thick and are fully insulated. They may appear flat on the inside of the coach, but on the exterior, they taper for water runoff. Yet another way to prevent leaks and costly fixes! And as a bonus, all our flooring is fully insulated to ensure your comfort, no matter what climate you’re parked in.

Artisan Woodcrafts

We don’t just order cabinets and assemble them. Our cabinetry and solid wood surfaces are meticulously handcrafted and customized for every Tiffin coach by our experienced Red Bay master craftsmen. Producing one cabinet door takes 20 different steps, and the process begins with raw wood. Each piece is inspected for flaws, and only the best are accepted. Then components are squared, planed, and cut. After several rounds of sanding, the wood is ready for glazing. The finished product is covered with multiple coats of high quality, high gloss sealant. And since each piece is manufactured for Tiffin, owners are able to personalize their coach with their choice of finishes.

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Insulated Compartment Doors & Durable Hinges

Hide your storage, water tanks, and power outlets without dreading the day you have to open the door again. Every Tiffin model comes standard with fully insulated compartment doors for efficient temperature control with easy-to-close, durable hinges that make it easier than ever to access what you need.

What’s New In 2021 Tiffin Models

In our 2021 models, we’ve taken extra steps to ensure that our customers are happy with the product they’re investing in when they choose a Tiffin.

While some of the details we’re about to explain might seem small, it’s the little things that make a big difference in the smoothness of a coach’s ride, its longevity and reliability, and the living comforts provided to owners. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new in this year’s 2021 models.

PowerGlide® Chassis

The most important piece of your RV that you can't see is the chassis. Our PowerGlide Chassis isn't a new innovation, but it has several updated features for 2021. Tire pressure monitoring, electronic stability/traction control, and 360 view camera are just a few. Still equipped with a VIP smart wheel and a tilt and telescope steering column, you’ll feel complete confidence behind the wheel. The fuel and brake pedals adjust for your driving comfort. And for enhanced control, it's built with a responsive air leveling system and independent front suspension. Our optional Mobileye Collision Avoidance System is also integrated in the digital dash cluster of every coach that includes the PowerGlide Chassis to help you avoid accidents on the road.

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The PowerGlide Chassis has allowed for added space and extended storage in the 2021 Allegro Bus and the 2021 Phaeton 40 IH and 44 OH floor plans. If you've ever seen an "XSP" or "XSH" label on the outside of a Bus or Phaeton, right after the model name, those "XS" letters stand for "extended storage." The P stands for Pusher, another name for Bus, and the H stands for Phaeton.

The 2021 Allegro Bus, Zephyr, and Allegro Breeze are all built on the PowerGlide Chassis and come equipped with in-dash leveling controls. The 360 View Camera, which allows you to view your coach from any angle as if you have your own personal drone, will also be integrated into the dash for the 2021 Allegro Bus as an option.

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Electronic Stability Control & Traction Control

Now you can drive your motorhome like you drive your regular vehicle. Electronic Stability Control & Traction Control help keep the RV from hydroplaning when it is raining or on a fast turn. We’ve added these controls to all the upcoming 2021 floor plans for the Allegro Breeze, Allegro Bus, and Zephyr.

Tiffin never aims to be as good as our competition – we engineer and innovate to be better. Check one of our motorhomes out for yourself. Find a dealer near you and take a tour by visiting our dealer map.