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Allegro Bus

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35 CP40 IP45 OPP45 FPBus Footnotes
Weights and Measures
Overall Length (approx.) 137' 5"41'45'45'The approximated coach width and length does not include side-view mirrors and rear ladders.
Overall Width 2101"101"101"101"The approximated coach width and length does not include side-view mirrors and rear ladders.
Overall Height13' 3"13' 3"13' 3"13' 3"
Minimum Garage Height14'14'14'14'
Interior Height83"83"83"83"
Interior Width96"96"96"96"
Square Footage (approx.) 3365405440440Square footage was calculated with the slide-outs fully extended.
Basement Storage (cubic feet, approx.) - 450 HP Option (S)180229257257
Basement Storage (cubic feet, approx.) - 605 HP Option (O)--237237
Wheel Base - 450 HP Option (S)232"250"302"302"
Wheel Base - 605 HP Option (O)--292"292"
Weight Limits
GAWR-Front (pounds)17000170001800018000
GAWR-Tag Axle (pounds) - 450 HP Option (S)--1100011000
GAWR-Tag Axle (pounds) - 605 HP Option (O)--1300013000
GAWR-Rear (pounds) - 450 HP Option (S)24000240002300023000
GAWR-Rear (pounds) - 605 HP Option (O)--2100021000
GVWR (pounds)41000410005200052000
Maximum Trailer Weight (pounds) - 450 HP Option (S)10000100001500015000
Maximum Trailer Weight (pounds) - 605 HP Option (O)--2000020000
Hitch Rating (pounds) - 450 HP Option (S)10000100001500015000
Hitch Rating (pounds) - 605 HP Option (O)--2000020000
GCWR (pounds) - 450 HP Option (S)51000510006700067000
GCWR (pounds) - 605 HP Option (O)--7200072000
Fuel Tank (gallons)150150150150
DEF Tank (gallons) - 450 HP Option (S) 410101010Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is the active component used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) engines to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 90% to meet EPA standards.
DEF Tank (gallons) - 605 HP Option (O) 5--1515Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is the active component used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) engines to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 90% to meet EPA standards.
Fresh Water (gallons)100100100100
Grey Water (gallons)100100100100
Black Water (gallons)55555555
Chassis and Drivetrain
Chassis and Drivetrain Features
PowerGlide® Rear Engine Diesel ChassisSTDSTDSTDSTD
Front and Rear 315/80 R22.5 TiresSTDSTDSTDSTD
Combination Valid™ Air Leveling System with Hydraulic Leveling JacksSTDSTDSTDSTD
ZF Independent Front SuspensionSTDSTDSTDSTD
Side-mounted RadiatorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Steerable Tag Axle--STDSTD
Front Disc Brakes and Rear Drum BrakesSTDSTDSTDSTD
Full Air Brake System with Automatic Slack AdjustersSTDSTDSTDSTD
Three-stage Compression Brake 6STDSTDSTDSTDTwo-stage compression brake is no longer available.
Manual Parking BrakeSTDSTDSTDSTD
Air Force One Tow Vehicle Brake SystemSTDSTDSTDSTD
Dual Fuel Fill CapableSTDSTDSTDSTD
Tire Pressure MonitoringSTDSTDSTDSTD
Adaptive Cruise ControlSTDSTDSTDSTD
Automatic Traction ControlSTDSTDSTDSTD
Collision Mitigation with Forward Warning and Active BrakingSTDSTDSTDSTD
Electronic Stability ControlSTDSTDSTDSTD
Engine Options
Cummins® L9 450 HP Diesel Engine with 1,250 lb-ft Torque 7STDSTDSTDSTDPeak horsepower achieved at 2,100 RPM. Peak torque achieved at 1,400 RPM.
Cummins® X15 605 HP Diesel Engine with 1,950 lb-ft Torque 8--OPTOPTPeak horsepower achieved at 1,800 RPM. Peak torque achieved at 1,150 RPM.
450 HP Engine Features
210-Amp Alternator 9STDSTDOPTOPTStandard with 450 HP engine option. Not available with 605 HP engine option.
Allison® 3000 MH 6-speed Automatic Transmission with Lock-up Torque Converter 10STDSTDOPTOPTStandard with 450 HP engine option. Not available with 605 HP engine option.
(2) 12-Volt Flooded Lead-Acid Chassis Batteries 11STDSTDOPTOPTStandard with 450 HP engine option. Not available with 605 HP engine option.
Tag Axle Drum Brakes 12--OPTOPTStandard with 450 HP engine option. Not available with 605 HP engine option.
605 HP Engine Option Features
280-Amp Alternator 13--OPTOPTStandard with 605 HP engine option. Not available with 450 HP engine option.
Allison® 4000 MH 6-speed Automatic Transmission with Lock-up Torque Converter 14--OPTOPTStandard with 605 HP engine option. Not available with 450 HP engine option.
(3) 12-Volt Flooded Lead-Acid Chassis Batteries 15--OPTOPTStandard with 605 HP engine option. Not available with 450 HP engine option.
Tag Axle Disc Brakes 16--OPTOPTStandard with 605 HP engine option. Not available with 450 HP engine option.
Construction Features
Seamless One-piece Gel-coat Fiberglass Molded Roof CapSTDSTDSTDSTD
5 1/4" Formed Roof InsulationSTDSTDSTDSTD
Tubular Aluminum Roof Skeleton FramesSTDSTDSTDSTD
One-piece Molded Gel-coat Fiberglass Front and Rear CapsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Steel Cockpit Overhead Support FrameSTDSTDSTDSTD
Gel-coat Fiberglass Outside Wall PanelSTDSTDSTDSTD
Tubular Aluminum Wall Skeleton FramesSTDSTDSTDSTD
High-performance Thermal Insulation in SidewallsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Engineered Wood Sub-flooringSTDSTDSTDSTD
Laminated Elevated Sub-Flooring with 2 3/4" Thick Thermal InsulationSTDSTDSTDSTD
Steel Basement ConstructionSTDSTDSTDSTD
Rust Protective UndercoatingSTDSTDSTDSTD
Electrical Features
All-Electric Coach 17STDSTDSTDSTDSpace heating, water heating, and cooking appliances are electrically powered. All-electric coaches still require diesel for the engine and either shore power or a generator to operate air conditioning.
Spyder Controls Multiplex System Featuring App CompatibilitySTDSTDSTDSTD
10.0-Kilowatt Onan® Quiet Diesel GeneratorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Generator Slide TraySTDSTDSTDSTD
2,800-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Auto-Gen Start and Interior Remote Control 18STDSTDSTDSTDAutomatic generator start capabilities controlled through Spyder Controls Multiplex System.
(3) 15,000-BTU Low Profile Air Conditioners with Heat Pumps and Condensation DrainsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Extraordinaire™ Air Conditioning SystemSTDSTDSTDSTD
Aqua-Hot® 450D Heat Exchanger 19STDSTDSTDSTDAqua-Hot® heat exchanger provides both heated air and water.
50-Amp Shore Power with Powered Retract ReelSTDSTDSTDSTD
In-motion Satellite Dish 20STDSTDSTDSTDHigh-definition programming is not available on a domed satellite antenna unless you subscribe to DISH Network®.
Prewiring for Winegard® Trav’ler™ SatelliteSTDSTDSTDSTD
Prep for Solar Panels 21STDSTDSTDSTDIncludes docking ports for aftermarket solar panels.
Auxiliary Solar PortSTDSTDSTDSTD
Energy Management SystemSTDSTDSTDSTD
HD Over-the-air Antenna 22STDSTDSTDSTDRequires subscription.
Park Cable and Ground Satellite Hook-upSTDSTDSTDSTD
Satellite ReceiverSTDSTDSTDSTD
Prep for Winegard® ConnecT™STDSTDSTDSTD
12-Volt Breaker PanelSTDSTDSTDSTD
12-Volt Disconnect SwitchSTDSTDSTDSTD
Rotary Disconnect Switches for House Batteries, Chassis Batteries, and InverterSTDSTDSTDSTD
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets at Galley, Lavatories, and Sewer BaySTDSTDSTDSTD
110-Volt Exterior ReceptacleSTDSTDSTDSTD
Surge Guard® Transfer SwitchSTDSTDSTDSTD
USB Receptacles Throughout CoachSTDSTDSTDSTD
House Battery Options
(6) 6-Volt Flooded Lead-Acid House BatteriesSTDSTDSTDSTD
(6) 6-Volt Extended Cycle AGM House BatteriesOPTOPTOPTOPT
(3) 12-Volt Lithium House BatteriesOPTOPTOPTOPT
Solar Panel Options
(3) Solar PanelsOPTOPTOPTOPT
(6) Solar Panels-OPTOPTOPT
Electrical Add-on Options
Cellular Signal BoosterOPTOPTOPTOPT
Lead-Acid and AGM House Battery Features
Battery Slide-out Tray 23OPTOPTOPTOPTStandard with flooded and extended cycle AGM batteries. Not available with lithium batteries.
Plumbing Features
Aqua-Hot® 450D Heat Exchanger 24STDSTDSTDSTDAqua-Hot® heat exchanger provides both heated air and water.
Aqua View Showermiser™STDSTDSTDSTD
Water Pump Switch Access from Spyder System and Sewer Bay BoardSTDSTDSTDSTD
Low-point Water Drain LinesSTDSTDSTDSTD
Black Holding Tank Flush SystemSTDSTDSTDSTD
Gravity Water FillSTDSTDSTDSTD
Heated Water and Holding Tank CompartmentSTDSTDSTDSTD
SeeLeveL™ Tank MonitorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Centralized Exterior Sewer Bay with Gravity Black and Grey Evacuation PortsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Exterior Rinse Hose with Shower HeadSTDSTDSTDSTD
Sewer Bay Hand Sanitizer and Paper Towel HoldersSTDSTDSTDSTD
Fresh Water Hose with Power Retract ReelSTDSTDSTDSTD
Sewer Hose StorageSTDSTDSTDSTD
Exterior Features
Full-body Paint with (4) Layers of Clear CoatSTDSTDSTDSTD
High Performance Protective Film on Front Cap and Select AreasSTDSTDSTDSTD
Girard® Powered Door Awning with Integrated LED LightingSTDSTDSTDSTD
Girard® Slide-out ToppersSTDSTDSTDSTD
Side-swinging Exterior Storage Doors with Gas ShocksSTDSTDSTDSTD
Lockable Handles on Compartment DoorsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Motion-sensor Lights in Cargo BaySTDSTDSTDSTD
120-Volt and 12-Volt Outlets Inside Cargo BaysSTDSTDSTDSTD
Charcoal Carpet Cargo WallsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Pass-through Basement StorageSTDSTDSTDSTD
Flush, Dual-Pane WindowsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Exterior Patio LightSTDSTDSTDSTD
Daytime Running LightsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Exterior Ground Effects LightingSTDSTDSTDSTD
Chrome Power Heated Side-View Mirrors with Integrated CamerasSTDSTDSTDSTD
Exterior TV with SoundbarSTDSTDSTDSTD
Fast Charge USB ports within Exterior TV CompartmentSTDSTDSTDSTD
Manual Exterior TV Compartment DoorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Deadbolt Front Entrance LockSTDSTDSTDSTD
Lighted Entry Door Grab HandleSTDSTDSTDSTD
Automatic Stainless Steel Double Entry StepSTDSTDSTDSTD
Keyless Entry System for Front Entrance and Component DoorsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Exterior Spyder System Control PanelSTDSTDSTDSTD
Concealed Air HornSTDSTDSTDSTD
Striped Slide-out EndwallsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Limited Edition 50th Anniversary DecalSTDSTDSTDSTD
Exterior Color Package Options
Cinderwood 25OPTOPTOPTOPTAvailable in Generation 11 and Generation 12.
Fire Opal 26OPTOPTOPTOPTAvailable in Generation 11 and Generation 12.
Frosted Granite 27OPTOPTOPTOPTAvailable in Generation 11 and Generation 12.
Sunlit Sand 28OPTOPTOPTOPTAvailable in Generation 11 and Generation 12.
Waterfall 29OPTOPTOPTOPTAvailable in Generation 11 and Generation 12.
White Mahogany 30OPTOPTOPTOPTAvailable in Generation 11 and Generation 12.
Limited Edition 50th Anniversary - Dark VersionOPTOPTOPTOPT
Limited Edition 50th Anniversary - Light VersionOPTOPTOPTOPT
Patio Awning Options
(1) Girard® Roof-mounted Powered Patio Awning with Integrated LED Lighting and Dual Pitch FeatureSTDSTDSTDSTD
(2) Girard® Roof-mounted Powered Patio Awnings with Integrated LED Lighting and Dual Pitch FeatureOPTOPTOPTOPT
Window Awning Options
Girard® Manual Window Awning PackageSTDSTDSTDSTD
Girard® Powered Window Awning PackageOPTOPTOPTOPT
Slide Tray Options
(1) Manual Storage Compartment Slide-out Tray 31OPTOPTOPTOPTTrays slide out on both sides of motorhome. Not compatible with outdoor kitchen option.
(2) Manual Storage Compartment Slide-out Trays 32-OPTOPTOPTTrays slide out on both sides of motorhome. Not compatible with outdoor kitchen option.
Exterior Add-on Options
Cargo Door Stainless Steel Rocker TrimOPTOPTOPTOPT
Outdoor Kitchen with Electric Grill, Sink, and Single-burner Induction Cooktop 33--OPTOPTOption includes an electric slide tray. Not compatible with manual slide trays.
Basement FreezerOPTOPTOPTOPT
Exterior Lighting under Slide-outOPTOPTOPTOPT
Lippert™ On-The-Go™ Telescoping Ladder 34OPTOPTOPTOPTAll units will ship with a Lippert™ On-The-Go™ Prepped Receiver installed.
Slide Tray Integrated Options
Pull-out Outdoor Electric Grill 35-OPT--Option requires at least (1) storage compartment slide-out tray.
Interior Features
Handcrafted Cabinet Fascias and Doors with Concealed HingesSTDSTDSTDSTD
(2) Flat-panel Televisions 36STDSTDSTDSTDLocated in living area and bedroom.
Solid Surface Galley CountertopSTDSTDSTDSTD
Treated Carpet in Slide-out FloorsSTDSTD--
Tile Slide-out Floors--STDSTD
Soft Touch Vinyl CeilingSTDSTDSTDSTD
Prep for Washer and DryerSTDSTDSTDSTD
Bathroom Egress Door---STD
Carbon Monoxide DetectorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Fire ExtinguisherSTDSTDSTDSTD
Solar and Privacy ShadesSTDSTDSTDSTD
Powered Solar and Privacy ShadesSTDSTDSTDSTD
Soft-closing Drawer SlidesSTDSTDSTDSTD
Powered Roof VentsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Central Vacuum System with VacPan® Automatic DustpanSTDSTDSTDSTD
Interior Grab Handle at Entry DoorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Treated Fabric Suite Options
Waypoint 37OPTOPTOPTOPTLatte III, Chanel II and Tempest III are no longer available.
Fox Hollow 38OPTOPTOPTOPTLatte III, Chanel II and Tempest III are no longer available.
Lagos 39OPTOPTOPTOPTLatte III, Chanel II and Tempest III are no longer available.
Ultraleather Options
Tatami Mat 40OPTOPTOPTOPTSilkworm and Grey Owl are no longer available.
Rice Paper 41OPTOPTOPTOPTSilkworm and Grey Owl are no longer available.
Cabinetry Stain Options
Glazed Canyon CherryOPTOPTOPTOPT
Glazed Honey Natural CherryOPTOPTOPTOPT
Floor Tile Options
Catalina Maple Glazed Porcelain TileOPTOPTOPTOPT
Catalina Ice Glazed Porcelain TileOPTOPTOPTOPT
Slide-out Fascia Options
Handcrafted Traditional Slide-out FasciaSTDSTDSTDSTD
Handcrafted Contemporary Slide-out FasciaOPTOPTOPTOPT
Interior Add-on Options
Stacked Washer and DryerOPTOPTOPTOPT
Gold Heat® Dual Zones Heated Tile FloorOPTOPTOPTOPT
Bedroom Headboard Options
Bedroom Egress Door 42OPTOPTOPTOPTAvailable as an add-on option when combined with overhead cabinet with headboard. Not available with window at head of bed.
Driver's Compartment
Driver's Compartment Features
Ultraleather Power Driver and Passenger SeatsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Powered Passenger Seat FootrestSTDSTDSTDSTD
Integrated Seat Belts on Driver and Passenger SeatsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Lumbar Support on Driver and Passenger SeatsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel with Integrated ControlsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Adjustable Accelerator and Brake PedalsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Storage Drawer in DashSTDSTDSTDSTD
12-Volt Dash ReceptacleSTDSTDSTDSTD
Backlit Dash SwitchesSTDSTDSTDSTD
Contemporary DashSTDSTDSTDSTD
Valid™ LCD Instrument Cluster Display with Integrated Leveling ControlsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Cupholders on Driver and Passenger SideSTDSTDSTDSTD
Passenger Side Spyder System Control PanelSTDSTDSTDSTD
Built-in Driver and Passenger ConsolesSTDSTDSTDSTD
Passenger Side Phone Charging StationSTDSTDSTDSTD
Driver and Passenger Map LightsSTDSTDSTDSTD
One-piece Panoramic WindshieldSTDSTDSTDSTD
Single-motor Intermittent Windshield WipersSTDSTDSTDSTD
Automatic LED HeadlightsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Blind Spot Monitoring SystemSTDSTDSTDSTD
Ceiling Mounted SpeakersSTDSTDSTDSTD
Stereo with AM & FM Radio, CD Player, and Satellite Radio 43STDSTDSTDSTDSubscription required for satellite radio.
Side-view Cameras 44STDSTDSTDSTDIntegrated within side-view mirrors and activated by turn signals.
Color Back-up Camera with MonitorSTDSTDSTDSTD
In-dash Navigation SystemSTDSTDSTDSTD
Driver's Compartment Overhead Cabinets with Wooden Panel DoorsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Auxiliary Start SwitchSTDSTDSTDSTD
Powered Opening Driver Side WindowSTDSTDSTDSTD
Solid, Non-opening Passenger Side WindowSTDSTDSTDSTD
Powered Solar and Privacy Windshield ShadeSTDSTDSTDSTD
Powered Solar and Privacy Shades on Side WindowsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Solid Surface Step WellSTDSTDSTDSTD
Powered Step Well CoverSTDSTDSTDSTD
Storage Compartment Within Entry StepsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Recessed Lighting Within Step WellSTDSTDSTDSTD
Driver's Compartment Add-on Options
JBL® Sound System Equipped Coach Options
Advanced Monitor System 45OPTOPTOPTOPTIncludes (2) 10" monitors, (1) 7" passenger monitor, media center, AM & FM Radio, Satellite Radio (subscription required), and RV GPS. Requires JBL® Sound System.
Advanced Monitor System Equipped Coach Options
360? View Camera 46OPTOPTOPTOPTRequires JBL® Sound System and Advanced Monitor System options.
Dinette and Living Area
Passenger Side Dinette Options
Dinette Computer Workstation with Lift TV 47STD---The printer bump-out was removed for more leg room. The keyboard and printer trays have been converted to a drawer and a fixed shelf to maximize storage.
Dinette Bar with Lift TV OPT---
Dinette Computer Workstation 48-STDSTDSTDThe printer bump-out was removed for more leg room. The keyboard and printer trays have been converted to a drawer and a fixed shelf to maximize storage.
Ultraleather U-shaped Dinette-OPTOPTOPT
Dinette Bar ---OPT
Overhead Dinette Cabinets-STDSTDSTD
Passenger Side Furniture Options
Ultraleather DE Sofa Bed with Lift TV 49-STDSTD-Piece of furniture sleeps one comfortably.
Ultraleather Air Coil Sofa Bed with Lift TV 50-OPTOPT-Piece of furniture sleeps two comfortably.
Ultraleather Recliner and Lift TV-OPT--
Ultraleather Recliner and Lift TV with Fireplace-OPTOPT-
Ultraleather DE Sofa Bed 51---STDPiece of furniture sleeps one comfortably.
(2) Ultraleather Recliners---OPT
Theater Seating ---OPT
Ultraleather Air Coil Sofa Bed 52---OPTPiece of furniture sleeps two comfortably.
Fireplace 53OPT---Not compatible with beverage center on 35 CP.
Driver Side Furniture Options
Ultraleather Air Coil Sofa Bed 54STDSTDSTD-Piece of furniture sleeps two comfortably.
Theater SeatingOPTOPTOPT-
(2) Ultraleather Recliners -OPTOPT-
Ultraleather Air Coil Sofa Bed with Lift TV 55---STDPiece of furniture sleeps two comfortably.
Ultraleather DE Sofa Bed with Lift TV 56---OPTPiece of furniture sleeps one comfortably.
Ottoman with Internal Storage 57OPTOPTOPTOPTStandard unless theater seating option is chosen.
Kitchen Features
Stainless Steel Residential RefrigeratorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Stainless Steel Convection Microwave with Exterior Venting STDSTDSTDSTD
Double Bowl Kitchen Sink with Single Lever Faucet and Pull-down SprayerSTDSTDSTDSTD
Built-in Soap DispenserSTDSTDSTDSTD
Galley Overhead Cabinets with Pull-out DrawersSTDSTDSTDSTD
Panoramic Galley WindowSTDSTDSTDSTD
LED Countertop LightingSTDSTDSTDSTD
Full Tile BacksplashSTDSTDSTDSTD
Solid Surface Galley Countertop, Sink, and Cooktop CoverSTDSTDSTDSTD
Pull-out Utility Box Located Under SinkSTDSTDSTDSTD
Cooking Appliance Options
Two-Burner Induction CooktopSTDSTDSTDSTD
Wolf® Induction CooktopOPTOPTOPTOPT
Kitchen Add-on Options
Decorative Wooden Refrigerator PanelOPTOPTOPTOPT
InSinkErator® Instant Hot Water FaucetOPTOPTOPTOPT
Drawer-style DishwasherOPTOPTOPTOPT
12" Beverage Center 58OPT-OPTOPTNot compatible with fireplace on 35 CP.
Bedroom Features
Bed Comforter with Throw PillowsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Strategically Placed, Handcrafted Privacy DoorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Nightstand with Solid Surface TopsSTDSTDSTDSTD
Centralized Entertainment Center 59STDSTDSTDSTDHouses Blu-ray™ player, satellite receiver, and cable TV hook-up.
Decorative Handcrafted Wood Ceiling RingSTDSTDSTDSTD
Floor-to-ceiling Closet SpaceSTDSTD-STD
Walk-in Closet--STD-
Solid Surface Countertops within Storage Spaces--STDSTD
Laundry HamperSTDSTD-STD
Mattress Options
Memory Foam King Mattress (72" x 80")-STDSTDSTD
Power Smart King Bed (72" x 80")STDOPTOPTOPT
Bed Slide Options
Overhead Cabinets with HeadboardSTDSTDSTDSTD
Window at Head of Bed 60OPTOPTOPTOPTWindow option removes overhead cabinets.
Bedroom TV Options
Mounted Flat-panel TVSTDSTDSTDSTD
Bedroom Lift TV with Fireplace-OPTOPTOPT
Memory Foam King Mattress Features
Under Bed Storage 61-OPTOPTOPTNot available when optioned with Power Smart King Bed.
Bathroom Features
(1) BathroomSTD---
(1) Bathroom and (1) Half-bath 62-STDSTDSTDAll half-baths contain a toilet and a solid surface countertop with a single porcelain sink.
(2) Porcelain Master Bathroom SinksSTDSTDSTDSTD
Solid Surface Lavatory TopSTDSTDSTDSTD
Solid Surface Shower Walls with Inlaid Tile and Residential Glass DoorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Shower Head with Detachable Hand-held Shower WandSTDSTDSTDSTD
Shower LED Light with Sliding CoverSTDSTDSTDSTD
(1) Macerator ToiletSTD---
(1) Electric Gravity Flush Toilet and (1) Macerator Toilet-STDSTDSTD
Towel and Toilet Paper HoldersSTDSTDSTDSTD
Medicine Cabinet with Tri-view Vanity MirrorSTDSTDSTDSTD
Bathroom Add-on Options
Pure Linen Master Bath Cabinets 63OPTOPTOPTOPTReplaces the chosen cabinetry stain used throughout the coach with Pure Linen for the master bathroom.