Tiffin Motorhomes Joins the THOR Industries Family

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Ownership of Tiffin has changed, but the Tiffin legacy and family involvement hasn't. Find information and FAQs here.

We are pleased to announce that we are joining the THOR Industries family, the global leader in RV manufacturing who owns motorhome brands such as Airstream, Jayco, and the ErwinHymer Group.

Three generations of the Tiffin family will continue to run the daily operations at our four locations — Red Bay, Winfield, Belmont, and Burnsville — as we continue to manufacture our distinct motorhomes. THOR Industries’ acquisition of Tiffin Motorhomes allows us to continue our long-term growth and enables Bob Tiffin and the Tiffin family to remain in control and involved in our business, running it the way they want to for longer. Watch this interview with Bob Tiffin to hear what he has to say about this move.

And how does the Tiffin family want to run their business? If you know Tiffin at all, you already know. The values that have made us distinct in the RV market since 1972 — our superior standards of motorhome craftsmanship and quality, customer service, and personal and corporate integrity — as well as the unique appearance of our coaches aren’t going anywhere.

Though many aspects of our business will not change, we do anticipate many positive developments under THOR Industries. To name a few, these include expanded innovation, access to capital for facilities and process improvements, and the ability to improve our focus on customer service. We couldn’t be more excited about our future!

As we look forward to what this next stage will mean for our company, we’re deeply grateful for you, our customers and fans, who have supported Tiffin for decades. It’s because of your dedication that we have had success in the past and have this unique opportunity for continued success before us. Thank you!

We realize you may have questions about what this development means, and we look forward to sharing any updates with you through our Facebook, Instagram, and emails. As a first resource, we have provided answers to questions you may have below. If you have additional questions, we have provided key contact information for you at the end of this blog.

Please note that Tiffin Motorhomes will be closed for the holidays from December 24, 2020, through January 3, 2021. We will do our best to respond to any questions you have, but please do expect delays as we give our valued employees time off to spend with their families.

THOR Industries Acquisition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this mean Tiffin will be moving or closing facilities?

No, we are happy to say that no Tiffin Motorhomes facilities will be moving locations or closing due to our acquisition by THOR Industries.

Will this impact the current warranty policy I have on my Tiffin?

No changes to Tiffin’s warranty policies will occur related to this acquisition. Tiffin will continue to honor our best-in-class customer service and strive for continued manufacturing excellence for all current Tiffin Motorhome warranty holders.

Will I still be able to have my Tiffin serviced through Tiffin Motorhomes?

Yes, all Tiffin service operations will continue as they currently are. We will not be transferring our service operations to THOR Industries in any way. Class A service will still be handled in Red Bay, Alabama. Contact Class A service at 256-356-0261 or [email protected]. Class C (Wayfarer) service will still be handled in Winfield, Alabama. Contact Class C service at 205-487-4710 or [email protected].

Will this impact my upcoming service appointment in Winfield or how I book future service appointments in Winfield?

No standing service appointments in Winfield will be cancelled or changed due to this change in ownership, and we do not anticipate that this will impact the way in which service appointments are scheduled in Winfield. Please note that, per usual, we do not offer service appointments in Red Bay. Service in Red Bay remains on a first-come-first-serve basis. For more information on finding a service center or roadside assistance, please see the following contact information:

Class A Service Department: 256-356-0261 or [email protected]

Class C (Wayfarer) Service Department: 205-487-4710 or [email protected]

To locate a Regional Service Center, click here

Emergency Class A and Class C Roadside Assistance: 877-483-0379

Are Bob Tiffin or other Tiffin family members leaving Tiffin Motorhomes?

No! The Tiffin family members — including Bob, Tim, Van, and others — will continue to be as involved as ever in the day-to-day business of Tiffin Motorhomes. Bob Tiffin is not retiring. The Tiffin family will continue to be present on site at Tiffin facilities, overseeing daily operations. In fact, we anticipate that this transition of ownership will allow the Tiffin family to more fully concentrate on what they do best — building quality motorhomes that are made to move you.

Is THOR Industries the same as Thor Motor Coach?

No, THOR Industries and Thor Motor Coach are different entities. We’ve been acquired by THOR Industries, a global leader in RV manufacturing and an authority on the RV lifestyle that owns several motorhome brands such as Airstream, Jayco, and the ErwinHymer Group. Thor Motor Coach is one of the RV companies that THOR Industries owns. Each company within THOR Industries operates independently from the other THOR companies, so Tiffin will be run completely separate from Thor Motor Coach. Learn more about THOR Industries here: https://www.thorindustries.com/.

Will this impact how I order parts through Tiffin?

No changes will be made to how you can order parts for your Tiffin vehicle. Tiffin owners remain able to order Tiffin parts via our website, https://store.tiffinmotorhomes.com, or by calling us at the numbers listed below:

Class A vehicle parts: (256)-356-0261
Class C (Wayfarer) vehicle parts: (205)-487-4710

Will this impact the production and delivery of the Tiffin I have ordered?

This acquisition will not delay our estimated production and delivery timelines for any newly ordered motorhomes or any motorhomes currently in production. COVID-19 has resulted in supply chain issues across the RV industry, and at Tiffin we are challenged by that daily. Any production delays occurring now are due to COVID-19; the acquisition will not further delay production. We continue to work as quickly as possible while keeping our employees, customers, and communities safe during the pandemic. Thank you for your patience!

Will this impact how Tiffin’s vehicles are manufactured?

We will continue to manufacture motorhomes to the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, and we will continue to provide excellent customer service to our new and existing customers. We anticipate that joining the THOR Industries family of companies will provide many manufacturing benefits, including expanded innovation, access to capital for facilities and process improvements, and the ability to improve our focus on customer service.

Will this impact where Tiffin’s vehicles are manufactured or sold?

No immediate changes will be made to the locations of where Tiffin’s vehicles are currently manufactured or distributed. Our Tiffin headquarters will remain in Red Bay, Alabama, and our additional manufacturing facilities in Winfield, Alabama, and in Belmont and Burnsville, Mississippi, will remain open and operational. As we grow through our partnership with THOR Industries, we may eventually need to expand Tiffin’s manufacturing capacity, and so over time, we may potentially open additional facilities. We also hope to continue growing our relationships with dealers and to offer Tiffin motorhomes in new locations.

How will this impact any future Tiffin events or rallies?

No foreseeable changes will be made to how Tiffin events are organized or conducted; however, we are always aiming to improve our live-event experiences for Tiffin owners. Although we are continuing to adhere to precautionary measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are hopeful to soon be able to visit again with our customers and fans.

Will THOR share any data that I have willingly shared with Tiffin Motorhomes?

Even though we are a member of the THOR Industries family of companies, Tiffin owner and lead data is owned by Tiffin Motorhomes and will not be shared with any other THOR operating companies.

How do I get in touch with someone at Tiffin if I have any further questions?

Please use the contact information listed on our Contact Us page: https://tiffinmotorhomes.com/contact-us.

For quick reference, here are a few key contacts:

Main Tiffin Line / General Inquiries: (256) 356-8661, [email protected]

Red Bay, Alabama / Class A: (256) 356-0261, [email protected]

Winfield, Alabama / Class C: (205) 487-4710, [email protected]

*Please note that Tiffin Motorhomes will be closed for the holidays from 12/24/20 - 1/3/21. Please expect delayed responses to your inquiries as our employees spend time at home with their families. We will do our best to respond to your calls and emails once we return in the new year. Thank you for your understanding!