How to Switch from Interior to Exterior Audio Using Wayfarer’s House Stereo

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Get these quick and simple steps to switching your house stereo’s audio from inside play to outside play. Plus, learn to pair your Wayfarer’s soundbar with a Bluetooth-enabled device.

In this blog, we’re addressing frequently asked questions about the Wayfarer’s house stereo, and how to switch audio from inside play to outside play.

This RV’s versatile sound system allows Wayfarer owners to play music from the Class C’s radio to either the outside awning speaker or the interior sound bar located over the flatscreen television. Using Bluetooth technology, owners of the Wayfarer can also pair the interior soundbar to their mobile phone, tablet, gaming system, or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

If you’d rather view our video that walks you through each of these steps, we’ve created one of those too. It reaches the same end as what’s covered below.

How to Play Your House Stereo Through the Wayfarer’s Awning Speaker

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Use the radio wall panel located on the passenger side of your coach to play your house stereo through your Wayfarer’s awning speakers.

There are very few steps required for piping music or other audio to your awning speakers. Simply remove the protective cover from the house speaker wall panel inside your coach. You’ll see a red button at the top of the panel, press the button on.

Once the radio is on and volume up, you’ll hear audio playing through your outside awning speakers.

If you’re looking to fade your awning speakers so your music or other audio isn’t playing outdoors, just press the “Audio/Menu” button. This will allow you to scroll through the menu until you see the “Fader Level” menu item. Select it, then press the left arrow button to decrease fade levels or the right arrow button to increase fade levels.

The balance level on your house stereo can be accessed using the same “Audio/Menu” button. This will allow you to adjust the audio balance between the left and right speakers.

How to Play Your House Stereo Through the Wayfarer Soundbar Above Your TV

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The Wayfarer’s soundbar, located above the flatscreen TV, can port in audio from your coach’s house stereo or pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

To play the house radio through your soundbar speaker inside your Wayfarer, you’ll need your soundbar’s remote control.

First, turn on the soundbar using the speaker’s remote. You’ll see blinking white lights on the soundbar with a single light in the middle. That light can be multiple colors, each color indicates a different sound source depending on the function you’ve selected.

To select the radio function, press the “Port In” button on the soundbar remote. This button is on the left side of the remote, second button from the top.

Once you’ve pressed the “Port In” button, the function light on the soundbar will flash green. Next, simply adjust the volume using the same remote. And that’s it. The radio audio will now play through the soundbar in the back of your Wayfarer coach.

How to Pair Your Wayfarer’s Interior Soundbar With a Bluetooth-Enabled Device

Now that you’ve got your house stereo dialed in and can switch your audio from interior play to outside play using your coach’s awning speakers or the interior soundbar, here’s a quick walk-through on how to pair any Bluetooth-enabled device with your soundbar.

Again, you’ll need the soundbar remote to select the desired function. Once the remote is inhand, go to the third button down, on the left side of the remote panel. This is the button that will switch the soundbar from its “Port In” function to its Bluetooth function.

You’ll press this button until you see a flashing blue light on the soundbar.

Next, on your Bluetooth-enabled device, you’ll select the Bluetooth option. (You can find your Bluetooth option on Android and Apple devices by first selecting “Settings.”) Once selected, you’ll see a list of devices that are available for pairing. The Wayfarer soundbar is listed as “LG SK1.”

Once paired, you can select music that’s downloaded to your device or you’ll have the option to stream music or other audio through one of your device’s streaming apps.

For further detail and information about the Wayfarer house stereo, awning speakers, and soundbar, check out your manufacturer's manual and the owner’s information packet. Or you can contact our Class C Tiffin Service and Parts Center in Winfield, Alabama, at (205) 487-4710.