How To Clean Off And Prevent Bugs On Your RV

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Cruising down the highway at 70 miles per hour is going to leave you with some unwanted bugs on your windshield. It’s inevitable. And, if you’re like us, you hate a bug-smeared windshield. It cuts visibility, and it’s just plain gross to look at. There has to be a better way to get the mess off than rolling up your sleeves with a sponge and a bucket of soapy water.

The peak of lovebug season happens in May and September. So motorhome owners have even more of a mess to address during that time of year.

We got to thinking, who would know – and be willing to share – tips on the most effective ways to prevent and clean these pesky bugs off an RV? Immediately, our incredibly knowledgeable Tiffin Facebook community came to mind.

We reached out, asking for their best tips, and here’s what our open road warriors recommended:

1. Norwex: An environmentally friendly and effective microfiber towel to wipe bugs off easily.

“Norwex...They clean your windows like magic. Going out to use on my car windshield tomorrow.” - Bill B.

2. Baking soda and water paste: A home remedy that works.

I’ve used a paste of baking soda and water for many years. Works great with little work and doesn’t seem to harm the paint.” - Jim B.

3. Dryer sheets: Magical.
Used dryer sheets. Repeat Used. Wet coach, wet sheet, wipe bugs off. It will leave a slight film that you wipe off with water and cloth.” - David J.

“Dryer sheets work like magic!...I live in Florida and we have love bugs in May and September. The acid in them will eat into your paint if left on more than a day or two. Just wet down the coach and wipe with a wet dryer sheet.” - Daniel N.

4. Finish First: A synthetic polymer wax to keep it easy to clean.

“I use a synthetic polymer wax called Finish First on the entire front end as well as the windshield. I know Diamond Shield says you don't need to wax, but I have been doing this since ‘13, first on my Phaeton now on my ‘20 Bus. When it rains you hardly need wipers. I apply once a month. When you get where you are going, do a quick hose off, hit it all with the lambskin head on an extendable pole, and it really all comes off that easy. Then dry it with a surgical rubber squeegee on an extendable pole. NOTHING will stop the bugs from hitting you, but I have found this to make the clean up easy. I have never found a not allow you to clean off the bugs. Just be respectable with water, and use a nozzle, not an open-ended hose.” - Mark M.

5. Wash Wax All: The bugs slide right off.

Wash Wax All on the windshield helps the bugs slide off. Dryer sheets get bugs off the diamond shield effortlessly.” - Stuart M.

6. Rejex and Diamond Shield: A combination to make it easy, especially in the fight against lovebugs.

“Apply Rejex to the front, windshield, and Diamond Shield. Then you’ll be able to wash/wipe off bugs with a nylon covered sponge and water.” - Larry M.

7. Simple Green: An all-purpose cleaner that’s great to have on hand for a mixture of issues, including bug removal.

Let it soak and sponge it off. Rub gentle and don’t let it run.” - Bob R.

A few other honorable mentions include the classic warm water and terry cloth towel, Bug Slide, an alternative to wax that prevents and removes bugs, and Bugs N’ All, a 60-second leave-on solution that you use to wipe bugs clean off your windshield and paint.

If you have more ideas and recommendations to add, please do! We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page.