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About Us

A Family-Owned Business

Tiffin Motorhomes is proud to be one of the few family-owned manufacturers in the industry, and it makes a significant difference in how our company operates versus our competitors. For starters, with the Tiffin name on every coach, building a superior motorhome isn’t just our occupation. It’s a matter of personal pride, a pursuit we have committed our lives to perfecting.

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A Legacy Begins

In 1941, in a small north Alabama town, Bob Tiffin’s father Alex started Tiffin Supply Company, a store that sold just about everything you needed to build and furnish a house.

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The Family Business Grows

In 1965, the Tiffins bought a state-of-the-art cotton gin. To run it, Alex turned to 23-year-old Bob, who took to the machinery and management like it was second nature.

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New Direction

A new business came to the area. Bob was fascinated with their products – RVs. The RV company called it quits, the Tiffin family bought it, and Tiffin Motorhomes was born.

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A New Generation

Bob’s sons Tim, Van, and Lex had all joined the family business, each proud to carry on the Tiffin legacy.

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Upholding a legacy

As a family running a motorhome company, we understand families who own motorhomes. We know it's not just about where a coach will take you, but the experience you take from the journey. That's why every Tiffin motorhome is made to move you.

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