Luxury on the grandest scale.


The Zephyr showcases Tiffin craftsmanship at its finest. From sumptuous interiors to gleaming exteriors, this spacious coach is 45 feet of pure luxury in motion, with every square inch designed to impress: Top-of-the-line materials throughout. Upscale amenities to rival a five-star hotel. Masterful engineering that commands the road, easily towing up to 15,000 lbs. For those who seek the ultimate RV experience, it doesn’t get better than this.

Driver's Compartment

Driver’s Compartment

Ultra Leather driver and passenger seats are equipped with eight-way power adjustments. When the coach is parked, both chairs swivel to add seating in the living area. 

Living Area


Living Area

Main Compartment

The true beauty of the Zephyr reveals itself within. An aura of elegant ease fills these luxurious interiors, the perfect atmosphere for relaxed travel.

Living Area

Main Compartment

The true beauty of the Zephyr reveals itself within. An aura of elegant ease fills these luxurious interiors, the perfect atmosphere for relaxed travel.




Half-Galley Kitchen

A merger of high-tech and high-efficiency, the Zephyr kitchen is well equipped for a modern chef-on-the-go.


Kitchen Dinette

Welcome to a dining spot that can offer a different view at every meal.




Master Suite

At the end of the day, retire to your personal oasis, the exquisite master suite. Close the door, draw the shades, and enjoy total privacy in absolute luxury. 

master bath


As elegant as a boutique hotel, the master bath is beautifully furnished, with solid surface sinks and an impressive mosaic tile shower. 

Bedroom Entertainment

Enjoy a late night movie from the comfort of your bed. TV is equipped with home theater surround sound entertainment system and DVD player.

Décor Options

Gilded Age

pillow fabric

Euro Shams

Bedroom Throw - lining




Gilded Age



leather accent
Leather Accent





Luxury Features Exclusive to Tiffin

As an RV innovator, Tiffin is continually adding unique features and amenities to our coaches to enhance your motorhome experience. You’ll find detailed information about some of these key features listed here.


Porcelain Tile Floors

Our porcelain tile floors are installed as one piece, with each tile grid-locked into place for ultimate stability. 


To keep ground dry near entry door, air conditioning run-off is redirected to driver’s side of coach.


Our coaches surpass a competitor’s model of equivalent size in the quantity and quality of storage.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

LED lighting preserves the coach’s battery life, using a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs.

Extraordinaire ™ System

Tiffin's exclusive quiet climate control technology circulates air through ceiling vents to keep the airflow moving in a circular pattern, maintaining your desired interior temperature.


Built as single fiberglass units, these slide-outs are air- and watertight, as well as virtually undetectable when closed.

Form-Fitted Seamless Roof Cap

One-piece fiberglass roof provides a solid leak-resistant barrier, with edges fitting  snugly over sidewalls for maximum protection.

Artisan Woodcrafts

Woodwork is meticulously carved from solid unblemished hardwood by Red Bay master craftsmen.

You won’t find a better warranty because you won’t find a better-built coach. The Tiffin Five-Star Warranty. The best in the business, bar none.

At Tiffin Motorhomes, we build for quality first and foremost, limiting our production to just 12 coaches a day to ensure meticulous craftsmanship. It may not be the most business-savvy way to run a company but it is the best way. By investing the time and effort to do things right, we want you, as a Tiffin owner, to have the utmost confidence in your coach, as well as a peace of mind you won’t find with other manufacturers. You see, not only do we stand proudly behind our product, we stand behind you as well.



The structural integrity of the welded frame of entire coach is warranted for 10 years.



We guarantee against all exterior fiberglass delamination or wall separation for 5 years.



Your coach is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 12 months, or 12,000 miles of use.



Available through Coach-Net, the country’s largest RV emergency road service, this program provides 24/7 access to responsive roadside and technical assistance.


No other motorhome company can compare with Tiffin’s exceptional customer service. Email us at (link sends e-mail) or call: 256/356.8661.

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