Tiffin Owner Story: Pat & Janna Burnworth

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When we met Pat and Janna Burnworth at the inaugural Wayfarer Rally, it was clear, they are experienced RVers. Janna was even asked to do a presentation at the Rally about her expert storage tips. These two had been taking on the open road from the spacious luxury of a Class A motorhome for most of their married lives, but after retirement happened and grandkids were in the picture, they decided it was time to downsize and live a simpler, more mobile life.

“We’re in Florida for six and a half to seven months, and then we’re on the road in our Wayfarer the rest of the time,” Janna said.

Freedom and Simplicity in a Tiffin Class C

The Burnworths thrive in their Wayfarer. It’s smaller than any other motorhome they’ve owned, but it has everything they need to see the country and the people they love. “It’s just open road and freedom. We have our own place in Florida now, so now we can go back and forth in the Wayfarer between Florida and Illinois to see grandkids, and we don’t have to pack a car,” Pat said. “Our country has so many unique things to see, and it’s easy to get around in a motorhome.”

“It really wasn’t much discussion. It was something that we enjoyed, and we can pretty well make any place we go our home,” Janna said.

Janna is a big fan of the simplicity that comes along with living in their Class C. “It’s easy to take care of,” she told us. “Everything that we have in here fits like it needs to. And it’s easy to find the right fuel stops. There are so many advantages to living in the smaller unit, and having the mobility to go, on a whim, where we want to go.”

Becoming Part of the Tiffin Family

Since Pat and Janna first purchased a Tiffin, they’ve had several opportunities to meet members of the Tiffin family. They met Trent Tiffin while touring the plant in Winfield, Alabama. Then, when they had a chance to talk with him again at the Tampa RV SuperShow, they asked if he’d sign their Wayfarer when they ordered it. His grandfather, Bob Tiffin, does this for owners all of the time. But Trent seemed to surprised by the request. “Noone’s ever asked me to do that before,” he replied. And sure enough, when their Wayfarer arrived, Trent had taken the time to sign the inside of their cabinet. If you look inside their kitchen cabinet today, it reads, “Happy Trails, Trent Tiffin.”

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“The Tiffin family, they entertain us, they make us laugh, they educate us. And when we leave a Tiffin rally, we are purposely planning for the next one,” Janna said. “That whole family just cares. They’re uniquely special, and they take care of their customers in a way that they would want to take care of their own family.”

But the Burnworth’s connection to the brand is just as much about the extended family they enjoy spending time with – other Tiffin owners. The community of friends they’ve built over the years has meant a lot to them.

“When you leave a Tiffin Rally, you really feel like you have gotten every possible opportunity to ask people questions, to see the new technology, to talk to people who are out traveling, just as we are,” Janna said. “You meet so many new friends, and they come from every part of the country,” Pat added.

Today, they feel like they really are a part of something meaningful – the extended Tiffin family.

“Before we bought a Tiffin, we had a lot of acquaintances, and we had friends, but now we have family. And that’s one of the many reasons why we stay with the Tiffin family,” said Janna.