Tiffin Motorhomes Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Templates

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Carve a Tiffin motorhome in your pumpkin this Halloween. Just download these pumpkin-carving stencils, and you’re set to sculpt your jack-o’-lantern.

It’s that time of year when everyone picks up a pumpkin; sculpts a spooky, sweet, or silly design; places a candle inside; and sets it out on the porch to greet trick-or-treaters and other passersby.

This year, we’re giving you two ALL-NEW stencils to use to carve a Tiffin motorhome on your pumpkin! Choose between two of our latest innovations for the 2022 model year: the Allegro RED 360 (formerly known simply as the Allegro RED) and our first-ever Class B RV, the Cahaba. Find the links to download the stencils below.

(If you’re a Phaeton or a Wayfarer fan, we’ve included our stencils from last year for those models below for your enjoyment.)

Be sure to post a photo of your carved pumpkin and tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We will choose photos from YOU, our Tiffin family, to repost to our social media pages on Halloween!

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