The Allegro Bus Through the Years

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Before Tiffin Motorhomes existed, there was Tiffin Supply Company, which was founded by Alex Tiffin, Bob Tiffin's father. It was a shop that sold just about everything you'd need to build and furnish a house in 1941.

Fast forward 20 years. Bob, now running Tiffin Supply Company, noticed a new business that had emerged in their small town Red Bay, Alabama – an RV production company. When that business lost steam in 1972, the Tiffins bought them out and Tiffin Motorhomes was born.

How the Allegro Bus Was Born

A lot has changed since 1972, including our Allegro Bus. By looking at the 2019 model, you'd probably never imagine the first version we created back in 1981. Back then, we called it the Basement Model (even though it was 39 feet long). Here's a map of how she's evolved over the last few decades.

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In 1972, Bob Tiffin founds Tiffin Motorhomes.

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In 1981, the first 39-foot Allegro Bus is built and titled “The Basement Model." In fact, it was the first diesel-pusher that was built for Class A Motorhomes. Another interesting fact, Bob had Jack Elliot deliver the first Allegro Bus to Denver, CO to Ingram RV.

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In 1993, customers started calling the Allegro Pusher an “Allegro Bus," and we trademarked it.

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In 1996, the first 102-inch, wide-body is built.

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In 2008, the biggest innovation in Allegro history, the PowerGlide® Chassis is implemented.

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In 2014, the 37 AP floor plan is introduced, including the Extraordinaire AC System and four quadruple slide-out floor plans featuring SmartSlides.

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And here we are today in 2019. We introduced a hydraulic pump slide-out, redesigned windshield, white linen cabinets, and much more.

The company has come a long way in 40 years, but the one thing that hasn't changed is our dedication to Tiffin owners. Don't forget to join the community by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and right here on Road Stories as we continue building motorhomes for generations to come.