Tailgating in a Motorhome

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Tailgating in a motorhome on a college football weekend makes an already enjoyable experience one of the most memorable weekends of the year.

Running into old friends, listening to children enjoy a pickup game on a grassy knoll, burning charcoal on a seasoned grill. These sights, sounds, and smells within close proximity to a favorite college football stadium are what make fall so special. It’s a season of respite from the hot summer months, and a time of year when hearing “see you at the tailgate” is as commonplace as a referee’s whistle.

The vehicle you’re using as a platform could make those already enjoyable experiences the most memorable weekends of the year. From waking up in your own bed to gathering around the outside TV to cheer on a rival’s opponent, there are only upsides to tailgating in a motorhome. Then, a short walk to the stadium and you’re a part of the electric action the couch in your home living room simply can’t replicate.

Hotel Reservations Not Required

Placeholder ImageTailgating in a Motorhome
No matter your college football team, tailgating in a motorhome is an experience worth recreating every weekend in the fall.

One of the biggest issues on college campuses is the lack of beds for visitors, especially in those quaint little towns built around the school. Hotels book up months in advance, as do restaurants. Maybe you have a son or daughter who’s a student at your alma mater, but let’s face it, they probably don’t want mom and dad crashing on a game weekend.

Most consider their motorhome a second home, which conveniently includes what you may call your second bed. Whether after a game or out road tripping through the United States, having a familiar place to lay your head at the end of the day is the catalyst to a restful night’s sleep.


Chick-fil-A on game day is hard to beat. Even if you have to order, pick up, let sit for a couple hours until guests show up, and then eat those delicious nuggets at room temperature. That said, having your own kitchen to prepare food on time and serve it hot may not deter your desire for tasty chicken. We’re only suggesting that a three-burner cooktop, convection microwave, and refrigerator adds a certain quality to tailgate cuisine.


Tailgating requires the hauling of a lot of stuff. The motorhome’s ample under-coach storage is built to hold grills, coolers, cornhole boards, tables and chairs, suitcases, water skis, strollers, you name it. Inside are all your household essentials plus the ingredients for the game day menu.

Retractable Awning

Notice we didn’t mention using the storage for a tent? That’s because the motorhome’s retractable awning will provide all the shade and shelter you need with the push of a button. Plus, should the wind kick up, the awning will automatically retract to prevent damage. Taking a tent down in a stiff breeze (or rain) is not fun.

Perhaps Most Importantly… A Private Bathroom

“Phew, this is nice,” thought anybody who’s ever stepped into the bathroom of a motorhome on game day. What relief to find a clean, private space that hasn’t been used by several hundred others. It’s a moment to regather yourself and cool off a bit. On the way back out, feeling refreshed, scout the kitchen to see what snacks are coming out next.

A Tiffin motorhome is your space to enjoy as you wish; not merely a place you rent for the weekend. No matter if it’s a football game, NASCAR race, music event, or a quiet spot among the California Redwoods, once you’ve parked, expanded the slide outs, all that’s left to do is enjoy the moments to come. Never again will you find yourself driving through game day traffic or walking miles to a friend’s tailgate, because you’re already home.