Spyder Control Multiplex System with Terminator Resistors

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Imagine you’re in a completely empty professional sports stadium. There are no people or objects to stop sound waves from reflecting around the gigantic open space. Every noise would reverberate and echo, making it hard to decipher sounds. Similarly, inside your Tiffin motorhome network, every message is traveling back and forth at a very high speed through the conductors. Without terminators, a fast-moving message will hit the dead end of the conductor and reflect back, creating an effect similar to an echo. This confuses the message, making it more difficult for the system to understand the command. Terminator resistors “terminate” the message in a motorhome network once it hits it’s destination, stopping any confusion that might occur within your system.

The Spyder Control Multiplex System [With Terminator Resistors] Is Born

Our engineers began installing terminator resistors into the switch panels of motorhomes in 2010, and we called the new network the “Spyder Multiplex System.” Below is when we introduced the Spyder Multiplex System in each model.

2010 - Zephyr

2011 - Allegro Bus

2014 - Open Road

2014 - Phaeton Prototype

2014 - Allegro RED Prototype

2015 - Allegro RED

2015 - Allegro Breeze

2015 - Phaeton

2018 - Wayfarer

There are two terminator resistors installed in each network. We solder them right into the circuit board keypads. There is a diagram included in each motorhome's manual to show you which switch panels contain the terminators. The circuit board will also clearly label your terminator resistor.

Troubleshooting Proper Network Resistance

To confirm that your terminators are running correctly within the network, check your multimeter to ensure it is measuring 60 OHMS. First, turn the network power (the motorhome power) off to avoid signal confusion. Next, set your multimeter to OHMS. Locate the switch panel containing the terminator and measure the two 120 OHM terminator resistors with the multimeter. If everything is running properly, your multimeter will show 60 OHMS.

If there is a bad reading (anything besides 60 OHMS) on your multimeter, you may have a break in your cables that connect into your switch panels. But not to worry – if there is an issue, you've already identified where it's located. A certified Tiffin repair technician will be able to take it from there.

To find a Tiffin-approved service center near you, search your area here.