Roadmap to America's Best Burgers

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Roadmap to America's Best Burgers

Who doesn't love a good burger? Perfectly seasoned prime ground beef, a soft bun, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, a slather of mayo; a combination that launches you into a happy place with each bite. Perhaps a side of onion rings or french fries and you have the perfect couple.

We've compiled a list generated by Tiffin owners of the best burgers in America no matter what part of the country you're in. Parking is always a consideration, especially around congested areas, so we went ahead and called every place to ask where you might comfortably pull in that's not too far of a walk. Each is unique with a different menu and atmosphere. Wherever on the road you find yourself in the near future, we hope you find solace in a great hamburger somewhere along the way.

Lone Fir Resort - Cougar, Washington

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Lone Fir Resort, Cougar Washington

Lone Fir Resort's 27-space RV campground is nestled back among the fir trees of the Pacific Northwest, near Mount St. Helens. Outdoor activities galore and many opportunities to explore exist just a short distance in every direction. Not to mention the reason we're talking about Lone Fir Resort in the first place: their hamburgers. Specifically, the Bigfoot BBQ Bacon Burger is hard to beat after a long day out and about. All of the burgers are short rib and brisket beef patties and are mouth-wateringly delicious.

Black Hills Burger & Bun - Custer, South Dakota

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Black Hills Burger and Bun

When you leave Washington, and head east, don't forget to stop in Custer, South Dakota and check out Black Hills Burger & Bun. This midwestern burger joint prides themselves as much on the fresh-baked buns as they do the fresh ground patties. Well, almost. But you can't go wrong with any of the menu's 13 burgers. Plus, they have vegetarian options. This small town has some street parking, but the best bet in a motorhome is to park at the library, which is just a couple buildings behind the restaurant.

Louis' Lunch - New Haven, Connecticut

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Louis' Lunch - New Haven, Connecticut

Further east into New England you'll find Louis' Lunch, which is one of the oldest family run businesses in America. Recognized by the Library of Congress as the Birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich, a trip to this place is as much about experiencing history as it is a fine burger. There's not much parking for a motorhome in downtown New Haven, but if you're staying at a campground nearby, unhitch your vehicle or call an Uber/Lyft and head on over.

Burger Station - Hernando, Florida

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Burger Station - Hernando, Florida

Finally, you turn south, to warmer climates. If you plan that southern migration taking you all the way down to the Sunshine State this winter, we know a restaurant with friendly staff and a great burger you have to try. Just inland from Crystal River is where we've found one of Florida's best burgers at Burger Station. Next door to the restaurant, on the north side, is a strip mall with ample parking for a motorhome of any size. Then, it's a short walk back to the little stone building with a red vintage Ford truck parked out front. (We think it's a 1965 Ford F100, but don't hold us to that!)

Rodeo Goat - Dallas, Texas

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Rodeo Goat - Dallas Texas

Venturing back west, you'll find the place with perhaps the widest variety of burgers on this list. Rodeo Goat has been garnering acclaim in the press for a lot of selections on its menu. And don't worry about where you'll park. Ample on-street parking right in front of the restaurant allows the motorhome traveler to dine at this burger joint with a unique name.

Zinburger - Tucson, Arizona

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Zinburger - Tucson, Arizona

By the time you cross the Arizona border, it'll probably be winter time. And what better place could you be to escape the cold? Hard to beat the southwest's warm climate. Out in the dry air of Tucson you'll find at Zinburger everything from a burger named Bruce Lee with an Asian twist to the fiery El Diablo. Heading east on Grant Road, there's a Target just past Zinburger on the right with plenty of parking. It's a very short walk back to the restaurant.

Waterfront Bar & Grill - San Diego, California

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Waterfront Bar & Grill - San Diego, California

Finally, back on the left coast. San Diego's oldest tavern, Waterfront Bar & Grill, which sits just two blocks off the Pacific Highway, was opened in 1933, just after prohibition was repealed. Yes, this is a blog about burgers, but for those traveling with multiple palettes, Waterfront's menu also offers a wide selection with a Mexican flair. While parking may be tough in this downtown San Diego location, it's an easy drive from some great campgrounds, including Fiddler's Cove Marina and RV Park, Silver Strand State Park, and Chula Vista RV Resort.