Tiffin Owner Story: Made to Move You, The Durrett Family

Tiffin MotorhomesMany Adventures. One Dream.
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There’s no such thing as a sweeter couple than Stephen and Monique Durrett. They’re based in Fort Mojave, Arizona, and they’re exploring the U.S. in their 2018 Tiffin Wayfarer 24 TW.

The Durretts embrace the Class C lifestyle to the fullest–enjoying the comforts of home, like cooking their own meals and sleeping in their own beds– without worrying about bringing every possession with them at all times. They live simply, they love each other, and they get to see this beautiful country (and their family members) at their own pace. What else is there, really?

Traveling by Motorhome is Freedom
The freedom of being out on the road in their motorhome is what’s most important to the Durretts. “You get to see America and its beauty. You get to see all of the things that you wouldn’t normally see when you’re not traveling in an RV,” Stephen said. “It gives you a great freedom. You get to stop where you want to. Spend as much time as you want to. Visit important sites and places.” They visit their grandkids and extended family all over the country, and when we met them, they’d just traveled through the Great Smoky Mountains down to Tennessee for the first annual Tiffin Wayfarer Rally.

Going All the Places Class As Cannot
The Durretts didn’t start out with a Class C. They recently downsized to the Wayfarer from their Class A because they like to be able to go anywhere. “With the Class Cs you can get into smaller areas. You get to do things that you really couldn’t do if you were just driving a car or flying on an airplane,” Stephen said. And Monique isn’t intimidated to get behind the wheel, either. “It was more convenient and easier for me to drive should I have to while we’re out on the road,” she said.

Building an Extended Family
Through all their travels, one of the unique aspects of RV'ing the Durretts have discovered is the tight-knit community. Whether it’s at an RV park, a rally, or even a gas station, some of the connections they’ve made will last a lifetime. “They become your friends forever. Once you buy a Tiffin, you become part of a family and for me, that’s very, very important. Just love and support,” said Stephen.

But that’s not the only kind of “family” the Durretts have been uncovering in their travels. Over the last decade, Monique has been tracking down distant (and not so distant) relatives they never knew about or met before. And because of their Wayfarer, now, they can pick up and travel to meet these long-lost family members any time they want. “I’ve been doing ancestry for my family, and last year we did a 32-day road trip, so I met some second, third, and fourth cousins through ancestry doing the DNA match,” Monique told us. “My husband will be meeting two great-nieces that he matched up with next month. So, we’re excited about that.”

“It’s been an amazing journey,” Stephen said. “We stayed in the driveway of one of our cousins, right in the driveway with no problem. You don’t have to inconvenience anyone that may not have the room for you, you just park in their driveway, and you’ve got your home on wheels.”

Why Did They Choose Tiffin?
Stephen confessed he’s a methodical, thorough researcher, which makes complete sense because he’s a former police officer. “My husband did a year’s worth of research,” Monique said. “He compared different models and companies. And he found that Tiffin had the best customer service. So, it was very important to both of us that if something went wrong, that we were able to get in touch with someone who could help us out.” Even when minor issues arose, they spoke to Trent Tiffin over the phone, as well as Bob. And over time, they developed a friendship with the Tiffin family. “I’m the type of person that has to know all the nuts and bolts and stuff before I’ll buy something,” Stephen said. “In reading up on it and talking to other people who have the product, by far Tiffin came out as number one.”

So far, Stephen seems to be happy with their decision. “I will never ever buy another RV other than a Tiffin,” he said.