2022 Phaeton 36 SH Floor Plan Spotlight

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Features listed below are based on model year 2022. To view the most current Phaeton features, go to the 2022 Phaeton model page or contact Tiffin by calling (256) 356-8661.

The 2022 Phaeton offers a stunning degree of high-end elegance and comfort, yet remains well within reach.

This year, Tiffin introduced a newly designed floor plan for the Phaeton, the 36 SH, with features that make the most of ample space. Even as the shortest Phaeton floor plan, the 36 SH takes full advantage of upscale amenities.

The 2022 Phaeton also gets upgrades and newly-introduced, optional features for its interior, exterior, and driver’s compartment, including a basement outdoor grill option (available only on certain floor plans), upgrades to the chassis, and an optional Wifi Ranger, the Denali Pack.

At a Glance: Phaeton Model Features

In the table below, we’ve called out the Phaeton's headlining features.

PhaetonStandard, Optional, No Charge Option
New Safety Features: Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Mitigation*Standard
Front Overhead Bunk Now Available*Optional
Spyder Multiplex System — Now With App Compatibility*Standard
Freightliner Chassis — Now With Three-stage Compression Engine BrakeStandard, Freightliner Only

Asterisk (*) denotes Phaeton features that are new for Model Year 2022.

Deep Dive: 36 SH Floor Plan

The Phaeton offers seven floor plans. Each shares common attributes, while diverging on features meant to appeal to various owner preferences and needs.

For the purposes of this floor plan spotlight, we’ve put our focus on Phaeton’s 36 SH floor plan. It’s the shortest floor plan now available for the Phaeton. With an overall length of 37’2”, this blueprint is perfect for those RVers looking for a shorter motorhome without sacrificing the features synonymous with this popular Tiffin coach.

In the Phaeton’s living area, the 36 SH features upscale, opposing sofas in tasteful neutral tones. The arrangement, which is standard, optimizes seating that’s ideal for entertaining guests.

On the passenger side, the Air Coil sofa bed features a Lift TV console that conceals the flat-screen TV when not in use, making it possible to enjoy the outside view through the larger window situated above the sofa bed.

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The DE or jack knife sofa bed on the driver’s side comes standard, and theater seating is optional. And on the same driver’s side, new Phaeton owners will have a dinette that converts to a bed. This comes standard too, providing another sleeping area for passengers by night and dining area by day. Optional is the dinette computer workstation for those digital nomads who are making the most of remote work environments. Or, alternatively, there’s also an optional dining bar with cabinet, printer shelf, and file drawer below.

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Adjacent to the dining area, this floor plan includes a hutch that offers valuable storage. But there’s also an optional fireplace that can be installed below the hutch, a nice addition allowing passengers to dine or relax in an inviting and cozy setting during cooler travel seasons.

Moving on to the mid-section full bath. It’s the only bath in the coach, so the floor plan places it at the coach’s center, an essential location ensuring the full bath is more accessible while the slides are in.

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For the master bedroom, there’s a surplus of storage from ample drawer space in the coach’s standard chest of drawers to a hamper situated below the bedroom’s centralized entertainment center and mounted, smart TV. There’s also an additional bank of drawers below the coach’s emergency egress window and overhead cabinetry. Above the bed, passengers have even more storage space in deep, overhead cabinets. Under the bed, there’s still more storage space, and it’s easy to access thanks to the bed, which raises. Simply lift up at the foot of the bed with the assistance of gas struts that offset the weight.

The bedroom’s large closet is located at the end wall of the coach. Here, the closet height is maximized on the very wall where height is also limited due to the diesel engine’s placement in the rear. This end wall is also the location for the optional stacked washer and dryer. Additional storage shelving in this area is standard when the washer/dryer is not installed.

You can see each of these details, along with many others, on the 2022 Phaeton model page featuring a newly arranged webpage template. If you’d like more information about the Phaeton, its features, or its floor plans, go to TiffinMotorhomes.com or give us a call at (256) 356-8661.