2022 Allegro RED 340 38 LL Floor Plan Spotlight

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The Allegro RED 340 offers a healthy list of distinguishing factors that make this model both appealing and intriguing for its mix of ingenuity and tradition. The vehicle’s power can be attributed to an energetic, rear-diesel engine. Its safety is centered on the RED 340’s Freightliner RoadWatch Safety Suite, a package of innovations that are standard on this coach. GPS Navigation System, a model feature that also comes standard on the RED 340, is another differentiating trait. Only the RED 340, Allegro Bus, and Zephyr are offered with the navigation system as a standard feature.

And then there’s the luxury. It starts with handcrafted cabinetry, Solid Surface galley and dinette countertops, and innovations like the AquaView ShowerMiser, which allows dry campers to optimize their fresh water capacity. Still, the RED 340’s luxury is largely defined by the inventive ways this Class A uses space. Throughout the motorhome, space is simultaneously used in practical ways, while also leveraged as areas of comfort and refinement.

At a Glance: Allegro RED 340 Model Features

Take a look as Cullen Akin, Product Marketing Manager at Tiffin Motorhomes, walks viewers through the Allegro RED 340. In the footage, he highlights some of the most attention-grabbing features of this Class A coach. And in the table below, we’ve also called out this vehicle's headlining features, found in both RED 340 floor plans.

Allegro RED 34033 AL38 LL
Freightliner's RoadWatch Safety Suite (excludes Mobileye)*StandardStandard
Freightliner's DriveTechStandardStandard
GPS Navigation SystemStandardStandard
2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter with Automatic Generator StarterStandardStandard
AquaView ShowerMiser*StandardStandard
New Exterior Colors*No Charge OptionsNo Charge Options
Handcrafted CabinetryStandardStandard

Asterisk (*) denotes Allegro RED 340 features that are new for Model Year 2022.

Deep Dive: 38 LL Floor Plan

The Allegro RED 340 offers two floor plans: 33 AL and 38 LL. Each is similar in its intent — practical and efficient use of space without compromising comfort, luxury, and the details that make this motorhome a welcoming living space. The difference is marked by how each plan goes about achieving these overarching goals.

For the purposes of this floor plan spotlight, we’ve put our focus on the RED 340’s 38 LL floor plan. We start with the plan’s living area arrangement.

MY22 RED340 Livingroom Wide 1
MY22 RED340 Ktichen Wide2 1

In the first image above, you’ll notice that the booth dinette is situated directly across from the kitchen, creating an easy transition from cooking to dining. Yet, there’s enough space between the two that the layout doesn’t cramp the cook while the stovetop or kitchen sink is in use.

Next, on the driver’s side of the motorhome, is the RED 340’s Super Sofa. This feature underscores how the 38 LL floor plan provides both comfort and effective use of space. One half of the Super Sofa is a flip-and-fold sofa bed, while the other side of the sofa is theater seating for two. Even more, consider the sofa’s placement. The sofa/theater seating is across from the motorhome’s Smart TV. And, if you choose, an optional fireplace can be installed below the television, so the seating is situated across from both entertainment and the warming comfort of a living room fireplace.

By placing the dinette and Super Sofa across from the TV, the floor plan allows for optimal television viewing whether you’re eating at the booth dinette or lounging on the Super Sofa.

One uniquely distinguishing feature of the 38 LL floor plan is its mid-section half bath. By situating a half bath in the motorhome’s middle section, away from the master bath in the rear, the master is isolated and private. Yet, the mid-section bath offers easy access, even when the motorhome’s slides are in.

MY22 RED340 Bedroom Wide 1

You might also notice that storage is a point of emphasis in the 38 LL’s master bedroom. While the handcrafted cabinetry above the bed provides abundant, visible storage, the master bed lifts up, providing full storage from head-to-toe. Across from the king bed, the room boasts two large wardrobes on the motorhome’s driver’s side for even more storage space. Plus, between the wardrobes, the TV is mounted with the entertainment center conveniently tucked away behind it.

Another small detail that makes a big difference: The master bedroom’s king bed stays flat while the slides come in. So putting your feet up for a quick nap doesn’t require letting the slides out.

Next up is the master bath. It deserves a closer look given its spacious floor design and mix of bathroom essentials paired with luxurious bonuses. It’s both practically useful, yet shamelessly elegant.

MY22 RED340 Bathroom Wide 1

Bath essentials include shower, toilet, vanity, and medicine cabinet. That’s your practical must-haves. Still, there’s more to the master bath than the must-haves. There’s space for your optional stacked washer and dryer. Beneath the linen cabinet, drawer space provides useful storage for bath towels, toiletry kits, and other items. The linen cabinet also doubles as additional closet space by removing the shelving and making use of the closet rod inside.

These space benefits, along with the other space-maximizing creativity, is a result of the emphasis Tiffin puts into every floor plan and each feature that carves out new ways to make living large easy. In the image above, you may have noticed the sink isn’t centered. This is by design. The sink’s off-center placement allows for a larger working space adjacent to the sink and more drawer space to the side.

If you’d like more information about the Allegro RED 340, its features, or its floor plans, go to the RED 340 model page or give us a call at (256)-356-8661.