16 Reasons Why Traveling In An RV Is Better Than An Airplane

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In today's world of iMessages, free two-day shipping, and insta-everything, everyone's in a hurry. Travel tends to carry the same rushed mentality. Hopping on a three-hour flight rather than taking a 10-hour drive seems logical enough – why waste time? But if you're riding through the colorful canopy of mature oak trees at sunrise in the Appalachian mountains, you might find yourself slowing down and thinking, “Hey, I couldn't see this from 30,000 feet up." Here are 16 reasons why you should consider taking the scenic route in a motorhome instead of flying.

1. Drinkable coffee

If you're taking your time, traveling through quaint North American towns, there's likely to be a mom n' pop coffee shop somewhere around. And if not? Use a mini french press and make your own pot of perfection. Either way, it's bound to be better than waiting in line with 30 other people for Starbucks in an airport.

2. Private bathrooms

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The bathrooms in the 2019 Allegro Red 37 PA are spacious, luxurious and private.

Having a private bathroom all to yourself on a long journey is priceless. The only passengers on the other side of the door in your motorhome are people you know and, very likely, love. So, sharing a bathroom with them is no biggie. Sharing a bathroom with 150 strangers on an airplane? That is not the start of anyone's dream vacation.

3. Germs

It turns out, there's a scientific reason behind why it's so easy to get sick flying – low cabin humidity due to the high elevations. Basically, our immune system is not as effective in low humidity. Germ-preventing mucus dries up, leaving us more susceptible to illness. This is especially true if you're within a couple rows or seats of someone with a contagious sickness.

4. Pit stops

If you're road tripping up the East Coast to Kennebunkport, Maine, and suddenly have a hankering for some fresh seafood, you can stop in Seabrook, New Hampshire, for some scallops. On an airplane, you'd just have to wave longingly and snack on some peanuts.

5. Freshening up in private

Whether it's by way of planes, trains, or automobiles, travel can make you feel icky. How many times have you seen someone brushing their teeth in a public airport bathroom? Unfortunately, sometimes that's the only way to get the fuzzy-teeth feeling to go away when there's a long day of connecting flights ahead. Not when you're in your own coach.

6. Security

Campsites are filled with happy travelers enjoying the scenic route at their own pace. Airports are a different story. But avoiding those long security lines is quite simple - drive!

7. Layovers

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Airports are full of people waiting for the next update on their delayed flight.

The only “layovers" you'll have in your camper are self-inflicted – naps, food, or a pit-stop! All of which sound lovely. If you fly, even if you plan every detail of the itinerary perfectly, delays happen. Getting stuck with a lengthy layover can end up taking just as long as driving might have.

8. Food prices

The “grab and go" food stands inside airports have had the exact same overpriced repertoire for over a decade. Caesar salad with rubber chicken, turkey and cheese sub, apple, orange, etc. Not appealing options for a long day's journey. If you decided to take your RV, you can pick up whatever food you like at the grocery store and have a home-cooked meal instead.

9. Peace and quiet

There's a big difference in the comforting hum of tires on the road and the roar of a jet engine. In a motorhome, you'll be able to listen to XM radio and talk to your loved ones, rather than strangers.

10. Baggage fees

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You need bags to be prepared for an adventure, but airlines charge to bring them along.

Motorhomes have incredible storage, allowing you to pack them as fully and efficiently as you please. Airlines, on the other hand, can't wait to hit you with outrageous baggage fees. Plus, you're confined to only one or two pieces of luggage.

11. Naps

When you feel drowsy on a long road trip, it's easy to pull off and take a nap. On an airplane, you'll be up against public drooling, snoring, neck stiffness, and the “I-nodded-off-head-bob." Waking up to a stranger nudging you off their shoulder is enough to make any self-respecting person avoid planes altogether.

12. Pets

Finding a place you trust to board your pet while you travel can be pricey. So, the optimal solution is to bring your furry friend along. Fido will be safe and sound with ample potty opportunities if he gets to ride shotgun with you in your motorhome.

13. Children

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Kids have all the space they need to stay entertained in a motorhome.

It takes a lot to keep kids clean, fed, and entertained when you travel. Toys, iPads, diapers, strollers, snacks, juice, bottles, a change of clothes…what did we forget? There's bound to be something. A motorhome can hold all of those things and more. Flying with all of those items packed into a carry-on bag with children in tow is practically impossible.

14. The chatty neighbor

One of the greatest things about traveling in an RV is that you get to choose the company you keep. Friends or family are familiar with you. They know that if you have your earbuds in or if you're reading a book, you probably want to be left alone. But strangers in close quarters do not always respect those social cues. Sometimes, a chatty neighbor can make even a short flight feel very long.

15. Pajamas

Picture this: It's 6 a.m. on a chilly winter day, still dark outside. You've got a trip planned, and you need to hop to it. Those pajamas and slippers are feeling pretty cozy. Well, there's no need to take them off yet if you've got a motorhome. You can decide to lounge around or drive your coach in PJs all day, and no one will notice, let alone judge you.

16. Flexibility to move

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Airplanes can be confining, but an RV allows for stops, walks and extra legroom.

Unless you are five feet tall, there is simply not enough leg room to comfortably sit for over an hour in an airplane seat. You'll have plenty of room to stretch or to get out and walk around if you're driving or riding in a motorhome.