12 Reasons to Travel in a Motorhome in the Fall

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Enjoy all the perks of the changing season from the comfort of your motorhome this fall. Here are our top 12 reasons to get out there.

The heat. The bugs. The humidity. The bad hair days. It’s all finally coming to an end. Fall is here!
The longest days and the highest temperatures are almost behind us. Temperatures have started to dip back down into a tolerable zone, and the chlorophyll in deciduous tree leaves around the country is starting to dissipate. We’re about to embark on the beauty of the seasons changing. But colorful foliage isn’t all that’s coming. There are so many reasons to get out there and enjoy new destinations in your motorhome this fall. Here’s our top 12.

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1. Fall Foliage

This one’s a given. You have a front-row seat to a panoramic viewing of the changing season right from your motorhome windshield.

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2. Snowbird Life

The birds have it figured out. Escape the cold and head south for the winter!

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3. Less Traffic

This is the best time to travel. School is back in session and parents are at work. The roads are yours for the taking.

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4. Fewer Tourists

No need to fight the crowds or the heat. Now’s the time to visit all those touristy places you didn’t dare go over the summer.

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5. Heated Floors

Chilly nights, brisk evening walks, and warming back up with marshmallows melted in hot cocoa. Fall nights are the best. And let’s not forget to break out those cozy sweaters! Even better, there’s heated flooring in select Tiffin Motorhomes. No more cold feet in the morning.

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6. Football Season

The amped-up energy of football season is back. It’s time for team colors and good, ol’ fashion rivalries. Extend the awning and put the game on your outdoor TV.

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7. Tailgating

Whether you’re a fan of the Big 10 or the SEC conference, by the time fall rolls around, you’re itching to do some tailgating and throw some cornhole at the big game.

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8. Open Windows

Turn off that AC and let the cool chill of the fall breeze fill your RV instead. The screens keep any lingering bugs outside, where they belong.

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9. Hiking

While the heat was a danger over summer, the crisp, fall air just might cure all your ailments. No better time to take a hike and soak up the sights of fall.

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10. Fall Decor

It’s time to deck out your coach in all the pine cones, yellow-red leaves and “Hello Fall” welcome mats.

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11. Family Time

The holidays and mild weather give us plenty of time to spend with family. And by taking your home away from home, to visit you never inconvenience anyone.

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12. Camping Season

Gooey, fire-roasted marshmallows and hot dogs on a stick. Sleeping under the stars is magical in the fall.