Since day one, Tiffin has been a family business. Our company is filled with employees who have made working at Tiffin Motorhomes a family tradition. It's a kind of loyalty that just isn't seen very often these days. But then again, neither is this kind of quality and service. Here are a few members of the Tiffin family who have built their lives around bringing you a quality product.

Bob Tiffin, Founder

“Our name is on the product, and that’s enough for us to fix whatever is wrong. That’s why we always say, "Wherever you go, we go!”

Bob founded Tiffin Motorhomes in 1972, and since then the company has manufactured and sold over 65,000 motorhomes. With the simple mission of "building lifetime relationships by doing our best to exceed the sales, service and overall ownership expectations of Tiffin Motorhomes' owners and dealers," Tiffin has earned its reputation for having the best products and customer service in the industry. Bob is a 30-year RVIA member, and for his dedication and commitment he was inducted into the Heritage Foundation Hall of Fame in 1999.

Tim Tiffin, General Manager

"In 1997, Daddy led the celebration of Tiffin Motorhomes' 25th Anniversary as a privately-owned Class A motorhome manufacturer. That is no small achievement. It is now my job to see that we excel in the next century and celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2022. My brothers and I feel that we are up to the task and welcome the challenge."

The oldest of Bob’s three children, Tim graduated from the University of Alabama and immediately joined the company. From his first job in purchasing, he has progressed in his managerial roles to his present position of general manager. Tim's role, working with the management team, is to solve problems and remove snags in production. The daily production quota is his yardstick. He also is responsible for advertising and branding.

Van Tiffin, Research & Development Manager

"Competition currently is the keenest in the history of the industry. Customers are the reason we are in business. If we continue to meet their needs, they will keep us in business. It is my job to pay special attention to what customers are telling the motorhome marketplace."

Van majored in public relations at the University of Alabama, playing with the Crimson Tide football team as a place kicker. His Tiffin career began in customer service, where he learned, as his father and grandfather did before him, how to treat customers and focus on solving problems. Van now serves the company by managing product development, including research, design, prototype development, promotion and advertising — all key elements in motorhome sales.

Lex Tiffin, Quality and Assistant Plant Manager

"We do quality right from the start. Quality cannot be inspected into a product; it must be built into each step of the assembly process. A customer deserves quality. After all, a motorhome is a person's home away from home. They want the same quality in their motorized home as they demand in their stationary home."

Lex Tiffin, Bob’s youngest son, studied art at the University of Alabama before joining the company in 1998. His role is making quality the #1 goal in the manufacturing process. In this pursuit, Lex implemented in-line inspection and correction, which means quality exceptions are fixed immediately after they occur. By the time the product gets to the end of the assembly line, it is typically ready to go.

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