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A family business built around yours.

Tiffin Motorhomes is proud to be one of the few family-owned manufacturers in the industry, and it makes a significant difference in how our company operates versus our competitors. For starters, with the Tiffin name on every coach, building a superior motorhome isn’t just our occupation. It’s a matter of personal pride, a pursuit we have committed our lives to perfecting.
Quality over quantity.
Since we don’t have shareholders looking over our shoulder, the only people we focus on making happy are folks like you. All the decisions we make, from using better parts to offering more thoughtful floor plans than anyone else, are based on what will result in a better motorhome, not a better dividend check. In fact, some decisions, like limiting production to 12 coaches a day to ensure quality craftsmanship, probably wouldn’t sit too well with a corporate board of directors.
Wherever you go, we go.
Also, when we say family-owned, that means family-operated, too. Tim Tiffin has been our general manager for more than a decade, guiding the overall direction of our company. Van Tiffin oversees innovations as head of research & development, and Lex Tiffin’s work with supplier relations helps us maintain our high standards. Of course, everyone knows our founder Bob, who is in the RV Industry Association’s Hall of Fame and is still the first one at the plant every morning at 5:00 a.m.
Upholding a legacy.
As a family running a motorhome company, we understand families who own motorhomes. We know it’s not just about where a coach will take you, but the experience you take from the journey. That’s why every Tiffin motorhome is made to move you.

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