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The Tiffin Allegro Club is the official membership organization of Tiffin owners. For the price of a few gallons of fuel or dinner at a moderately-priced restaurant, Tiffin Allegro Club membership enhances the enjoyment of Tiffin ownership by providing connections with others with similar interests.

Rallies are one Club benefit you won’t want to miss. From coast to coast, rallies offer catered meals, entertainment, seminars, prizes, games and factory technicians providing minor repairs. In a written survey of participants at a recent rally, 97% said they would attend future rallies.

Coast-to-coast, local Tiffin Allegro Club chapters plan campouts and other get-togethers.

Tiffin Allegro Club BENEFITS
Tiffin Allegro Club members have the opportunity to take advantage of the following benefits:

The Tiffin Allegro Club online newsletter, SIDE ROADS, is updated frequently to keep our membership informed about rallies, chapter news, safety information, technical tips, factory news, and other informative and helpful information. Find it at

The opportunity to purchase insurances at discounted rates:
A) Emergency Road Service through Coach-Net at 877/801.0333. Go to

B) Long-term care, trip cancellation, motorhome replacement coverage, and motorhome and other vehicle liability, etc., through Farm & City Ins. Services at 800/331.1520 or Overland Ins. Services at 800/624.6897. Go to

C) Transportation in case of medical emergency for you and your spouse with medical personnel through SkyMed at 800/475.9633.

D) Compare your health insurance or Medicare Supplement with HealthCompare Insurance Services, Inc. Go to

The Allegro Store carries a selection of shirts, caps and jackets with the Tiffin name brands embroidered on them. Mugs, Club logo patches, and all-weather carpets are available. Call 256/356.8522 for our catalog or email You can also visit our website at

Tiffin Allegro Club members have the opportunity to attend several rallies throughout the year. The rally fee typically includes your camping fee, several meals, entertainment, games, prizes, various planned activities, seminars, Tiffin technicians (when available) to do minor repairs for rally attendees, new display units for your viewing, sales representatives from Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc., to answer questions about your motorhome and much more. We also schedule free time at our rallies for rest, shopping or to do other things on your own.

Tiffin Allegro Club members can join Passport America for 18 months for the cost of only 12 (six months FREE). Call 800/681.6810 for more information. Call the Tiffin Allegro Club office 256/356.8522 for the discount code word.

Discounted auto rentals thru Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Call the Tiffin Allegro Club office 256/356.8522 for the discount code word.

Nomad Glass offers discounted service for Tiffin Allegro Club members with windshield damage. Nomad Glass offers mobile service to about 90 percent of the US. Call 800/808.9762 or go to for more information.

Substantial discount on the purchase of Michelin® tires for your Tiffin RV or passenger car/light truck. Go to for procedures. Credit Card registration here Advantage-Register_Credit_Card.pdf

Local Chapters! The Tiffin Allegro Club currently has about 70 local chapters throughout the US and Canada. There is probably one in your area. Go to A map of North America will appear. Click on your state (or Canada) to find local chapter contact information. Our local chapters generally have campouts on a monthly basis. "What a great way to meet new friends!"

Your Tiffin Allegro Club membership must be maintained in order to continue receiving these discounts.

If you're a new Tiffin owner, your first year of membership is free; just mail in the registration form that is part of the Tiffin Motorhomes new owner package. We can also sign you up with a quick telephone call to 256/356.8522 or you can begin the application process online right here.