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Maintenance FAQ

Should an issue with your coach arise, please know that we are committed to resolving it as quickly as we can to your complete satisfaction. Please contact our Parts & Service Department with any inquiries at (256) 356-0261 or e-mail Our Parts & Services Department has also compiled a helpful maintenance tip FAQ:


How can I get rid of the cloudy film on my rearview mirrors?
Combine ¼ cup of mineral spirits with 1 cup of water. Saturate a cloth with this solution and clean the surface. Wipe dry with a clean towel. This should get rid of the film. Then, clean the mirrors as usual with a window-cleaning product.

How can I clean my grey and black water tank sensors?
Prior to leaving on a trip, add 10 to 15 gallons of water plus 3 to 4 cups of PinePower® liquid cleaner to each tank. As you drive, this solution will slosh inside the tanks, removing built-up debris and cleaning the sensors.


My air conditioner is not working, but the breakers seem to be functioning properly. Is there a quick fix?
First, make sure you didn't accidentally bump into the 12-volt disconnect switch. On pre-2004 models, there's a board of 12-volt breakers under the fridge. In models built after 2004, check the owner's manual for the location of the breaker panels. Then, try resetting the breaker by pushing the reset button.

My generator is running, but my appliances aren't working. What's going on?
Check the generator for a second breaker. Most have two, and if one is tripped, power will not flow. Resetting the breakers will allow use of the appliances you need.

My power awning is not working. What should I do?
If the awning is extended and won't retract, check the fuses and control board. Then, if needed, tap with a rubber hammer to get it started. If these measures don't work, roll it up manually until you can get to a service center. If the awning is retracted but not extending, leave as is and have a service center evaluate the issue.


My Bluetooth® isn't working. What's the problem?
Issues with Bluetooth® would be caused by your phone service. Please contact your service provider (AT&T®, Sprint®, T-Mobile®) for assistance.

My Sirius®/XM® isn't working. What's the problem?
Your coach will not have a converter box unless it was specifically ordered. The service may have worked for the first few months courtesy of a free trial subscription furnished by Sirius®/XM®, not Tiffin Motorhomes. To add the converter box that will allow you to subscribe to Sirius®/XM®, please order through our Parts & Service Department.


What should I do to preserve my batteries during storage?
In storage, a motorhome should be hooked to 50-amp service. Crank the motorhome or generators for 30 minutes to an hour once every three weeks.


I'm preparing for a trip. What should I take with me?

  • DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), if your coach requires it
  • Tube of caulk (quick fix for fiberglass, roof, skylight)
  • 110-volt/12-volt battery testers
  • Rubber hammer (to tap the awning if needed)
  • Electrical tape
  • Tire gauge
  • Wire pliers
  • Grips
  • Extra water pump
  • Extra bulbs
  • Extra windshield wiper blades


My check engine light came on and my chassis is still under warranty. What should I do?
If your chassis is under warranty, you must take it to a certified service center or the manufacturer may break the warranty. Contact your chassis manufacturer for specific locations. PowerGlide chassis owners: call Parts & Service: (256) 356-0261. You'll find your nearest certified PowerGlide service center here. Spartan Customer Service: (800) 543-4277 Ford Customer Service: (800) 444-3311 Freightliner Customer Service: (800) 385-4357 Workhorse Customer Service: (877) 246-7731


How can I prevent an issue with wiper blades?
Check the screw on each wiper blade to ensure that the blade is secure. Make this part of your pre-trip routine, and it will save trouble in the long run. Also, always carry an extra wiper blade in your coach. Many of our oversized wiper blades are not stocked in stores. Carrying an extra wiper blade could prevent you from waiting in the shop for days.

What lubrication products should I use for my coach?
We do not recommend products like WD-40®, white grease or graphite lubricants. Instead, use silicone-based lubrication products for all moving parts, including steps, slide-outs, rollers, bearings, and leveling jack cylinders.

What type of maintenance schedule should I follow?
…every month: Check the fluid inside the batteries to keep the fluid level up. …every year: Regular maintenance on the seal of your roof can save hundreds of dollars. Use a rubber seal at the front cap and the rear cap. Check the tire pressure. …every five years: Change the tires

Please contact our Parts & Service Department with any inquiries: (256) 356-0261 or (If you have to leave a voicemail, rest assured, we will call you back as soon as possible!) We also encourage you to take your coach to a qualified service center. To find the service center closest to you, click here.

These are the opinions of Tiffin Parts & Service technicians and are intended only as general trouble-shooting tips and recommendations. Tiffin Motorhomes is not liable for any problems that arise related to the information described in this document.